Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Dear JB: I get envious of my successful friends

Dear JB
I have been very depressed lately. It all started when I noticed that I feel very bitter when I see my friends making money while things aren't exactly working for me. It makes me feel like a failure. Like I am not working had enough. The worst part is that I noticed I even start to feel jealous.
Please, help.


Dear J
I think I know that feeling where you feel like you are working harder, so you deserve better. Life is not that explicit. Life is really more complex than we can clearly comprehend. 
The first thing you have to understand is that success is subjective. What does success mean to you? In my opinion, success is more than just having money. 
Be grateful for the things that you have. When you count them as privileges, you will not have time to envy others. You have to understand that there is more to life than what people tend to show. There are many people who may meet your idea of success but you have to understand that they may even look at you and want some of the things that you have. 
About you working hard and not seeing the kind of success you want, again it boils down to you being able to define what success means to you. When I look at the process I have to go through to attain the kind of success I want, I simply tell myself it is because I want something different. You are not just looking for money, you are looking for fulfillment that is why you are taking the longer routes. 
Taking longer routes to success has its own benefits. It is the more sustainable form of success.
So whenever you see your friend succeeding, wish them well because you know that one day it will be your turn to be on the receiving side too. 
Good luck


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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Some good news on Ebola

Hey lovelies
Yes you read it right, I  have some good news on the Ebola dilemma.
The first one is that a few victims of Ebola have been treated successfully in Guinea and Sierra Leone. A report by *MSF an *NGO at the forefront of the battle against Ebola in West Africa shows they are gradually making a lot of progress with regards to the treatments and recovery of their patients. You can read more of their updates here 

The second one is that the *WHO set up a committee to look into the ethical considerations for allowing unapproved drugs for the treatment of Ebola e.g ZMapp
Seeing that ebola is  already life threatening and patients would usually not mind an intervention that could alleviate the consequences, the advisory group came to the following conclusions:

Monday, 11 August 2014

Updates on Ebola

Hey lovelies
Sad period for Nigerians I must say. I hate it when I  have to do this but oh well, welcome to my world. It is not easy being a Nigerian.
I know you all have heard about the rave on Ebola in Nigeria and how it is killing people mercilessly.

First I have to say, I hate the nonchalant demeanor by the government of Nigeria most of the times. I hate how they always subject the poor citizens to one hazard or the other. How can it be so hard to be a Nigerian? It is almost like no one cares or takes their job seriously.

Friday, 8 August 2014

Dear JB: Is it ok to be a second wife?

Dear JB
I want to say thank you for this new opportunity for people to ask personal questions on your blog. I love your blog. You put in a lot of hardwork and it shows. I decided to send you this mail because of the reply you gave to this question ... http://www.janylbenylshares.com/2013/05/dear-jb-my-friends-husband-wants-me.html
My case is a little similar in that the man that wants to marry me is already married.
I just met this man that wants to marry me. What I like most about him is his honesty. He told me straight up that he's already married and I'd be his second wife. I am just a struggling young lady with no parents and he has really helped me a lot. I couldn't refuse his offer because he has been so nice to me. I won't forget the words he said when he asked me to marry him. "Marry me and let me take better care of you" I can never forget those words. He has 2 kids,  a 5 year old and a 3 year old. They really like me but I'm not sure what will happen when I marry their father.

Monday, 4 August 2014

A splash of color

Hey lovelies

I have been posting a lot of videos on my YouTube channel lately. Last month, I posted a new video every week.
I recently shared these really fun ways to add color to your outfits this summer.
Get creative and stylish with this very easy to make DIYs. Remember my arm candy in my recent 'style my way' post? 
You can find how I made them in these videos.
Be sure to check them out.
I hope you enjoy trying them out

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Hey lovelies
This has got to be the most hilarious joke ever. 

Manchester City launched a Q&A session for their star Jesus Navas on twitter yesterday with the hashtag #AskJesus...  It was trending so I decided to click on the hashtag. 
I guess it just seemed like the jokers on twitter finally had something to make their day. People started tweeting some #AskJesus jokes as questions. 
I wonder if they had any serious people ask real questions. It's just too funny. 
See some of the questions below

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Monday, 28 July 2014

Style my way: a little skin

Hey lovelies

When the heat is here, you start to reduce your clothes to the barest minimum LOL
No kidding, the heat can drive you crazy.
At this stage, I just want to go to the market in a pair of short shorts and a crop top, but guess what? That is so not my style :)

Friday, 25 July 2014

Something for your weekend

Hey lovelies
Thought I'd share this music video by Waje ft Tiwa with you guys
I really love the concept 
Hope you guys enjoy it and your weekend

Love always

Monday, 21 July 2014

Dear Nigerian Doctor

Hey lovelies
It's been over 3 weeks now since doctors in Nigeria embarked on a strike and to attempt to say how saddening this is, would be me searching endlessly for these words that can capture my true feelings. I was reading about the current NMA strike in Nigeria and my mind could not help putting together the implications. 

I have a lot of doctors working in Nigeria in my networks, hence I was opportuned to read some of their comments that got me really disturbed. When I tried to read some of  the ones from the nurses, the issues really stood out. The worst part is the fact that some of the demands by both parties (NMA and JOHESU) have a lot of discrepancies that have continued (and will continue) to cause conflicts of interests. However, I noticed this huge gap that needed to be bridged and I decided to put this piece together.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Liebster award again

Hey lovelies
I was recently awarded another Liebster award by JDB of Young and Confused blog.
This award comes with a set of obligations, including answering a few questions about myself. Thanks for the award, JDB. It's been long I did something like this. 

And here are JDB's questions:  

1. What made you start blogging?
2. Whats your real full name?
3. What inspires you to write?
4. Do you ever feel like quitting Blogging?
5. Whats your most favourite post on your own Blog?
6. What do you like most about the Young and Confused Blog?
7. What kind of person do I strike you as?
8. If someone asked to buy your blog for 500,000 Naira, would you sell?
9. Whats the dumbest thing you have ever changed cause of a relationship?
10. Whats is the most silly thing you recall doing as a child?
11. Can you tell us 1 of your secrets?

Click here and here for my previous entires for this award. 
Continue to see my response

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