Sunday, 20 June 2010


Hey y'all! Its father's day!
I promised I'll remember father's day, didn't I? Yay!
First, I must apologise because I really wanted to sing just like I did on mother's day, so the guys won't say I'm being partial, but I just couldn't find  a song.
Now this got me a little bothered...Why is it that for mothers, I didn't even have to search?
 So many songs everywhere! From Celine Dion to Kirk Franklin to 2pac to Boys II men, everybody is singing about mothers!
Hmm! Men, you people have a lot of work in your hands.
Anyway, If you find any song(s), just leave it here as a comment, and I will do something to it on the next father's day( I.e June 19, 2011) cos this one is almost done already :)
Seriously it wouldn't have been funny if I had missed this one, because we don't have a lot of dates for father's day either, unlike that of the mothers. You know, so there wouldn't be a lot of opportunities to make up for it :)

Happy Father's day especially to all the great fathers and potential fathers!
Have a great one!!!


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