Thursday, 3 June 2010

Lil period, great lessons! Part 1

Hey! Been away for some time, been busy with school, exams.....not easy!
Anyway, I thought I should come around and drop a quick one, since I'm done with the 'heart thumping ones'.
I looked at my exams timetable and my study timetable after I finished signing up for my exams this semester and gosh! everything was so clustered. At a point, I started asking myself, "what was I thinking?"
Well when I saw the credit load for most of my courses this semester, I knew it would not be an exactly easy one, so I made a plan and that was to take the first examination dates so I would have been done with my exams long enough, even before the given time to do so. I didn't want to rush them on the last dates, then you'd just be more concerned about just passing and making it to the next level without caring so much about the grades, and of course, failing any of those big courses would automatically mean losing a year. I didn't want any mistakes whatsoever, and that was the reason for  such a clustered timetable.
I have always liked to do my exams on the first dates though because then I just do it at once and know I'm done with them.Choosing the first dates has never been so much of a great problem if I don't have a lot to study, maybe because the work load is not much or I started studying before the exams period.
During my exams, I plan a simple routine and try to stick to it. I hate it when I have to do it repeatedly for a long time. I hate routines, they are so boring! When the exams are prolonged or I space them too much, then I lose the drive along the way and I see myself struggling to stick to the plan after the first set of exams.
Well this semester hmm! I almost thought that plan was a big mistake! I almost deregistered some of them because they were so close, and it was like my lecturers kept increasing the study materials as the days got by. When I thought I was almost done with my revisions, I heard that for one of my courses, the exams will not be based on only this semester's work, but on everything that we have studied during the course of the year.
I was so stressed but I promised myself I will not deregister them though, so I set out to work. I changed my study plan immediately but this time I made a timetable for everything, sleep, rest,...etc.I didn't need anybody to tell me to stick to it, I just did. I found myself studying for long hours and it wasn't so hard. I stopped some things for a while and I didn't feel it at all.
This was my first practical lesson: "I can do it, I seriously can, if I believe it".
 This isn't my first time of having to study a lot like this but it just seemed like I had forgotten how to.
Recently, I developed a lifestyle of studying with ease. That is, I try as much as possible to understand everything while its being taught, and if I have anything to read up, I do so before they start to pile up. Now I couldn't help it, having to revise the previous semester's work was a great pile up of work already.
Now you might be wondering why this was a great practical lesson for me, especially since I have had to study so much before, well the answer is simple. Everytime I had to study so much, I had a fixed exams date I needed to meet up with, but in this case I had the opportunity to deregister and I even contemplated it a lot of times but I decided to believe, discipline myself, work towards it and acheive it.
It wasn't easy, but I thank God so much for the strength.


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