Saturday, 3 July 2010

Lets talk some football!

Welcome to the month of July everyone!
Since its still the WC season, I thought we'd just talk some football here at Ms. JB's world too. I know a lot of Nigerians will not like this idea at all, hehehe no be me say make una carry grand papas go fill the field o. If I say make them retire and give space for small pikins them, dem go say wetin...over sabi wayo people! Hilz no time jireh! Naija fans, no worry my grand children will bring us the cup one day or better still we fit buy our own private cup wetin sef:D
Anyway delay is not denial, remember? hehehe!
Ok first my teams: (in the order of preference)
1) Golden Eaglets ( them dey try pass super Eagles jireh), You know why? Because this na the real age where suppose dey super,so before they are promoted and promoted to the Super Eagles, dey don alreadyold...I nor talk anything o!
2) Ok o! Super Eagles (Make una no kill me)
3) Flying Eagles ( hmmn so much for patriotism, anyhow so far 'Eagles' dey the name sha but wait, this na one razor blade trade mark o, who remembers?)
4) Akwa United ( How I want do? ndito eka mmi, edoho nnam didie?)

Can I call another country's? Like Spain, Germany....? Just asking o! Ok but I don tire! These guys wetin sef? please step up your game jare cos if you just mess up come 2014, 2018 from the first day, I'll just start rooting for another country's team, no time to hope on you guys not even for one second!
Mehn! But this year's WC is so surprising, The great Brazilians are gone already and I can't believe the Argentines just received a whooping 4-0 Gosh!,
Ok, Super Eagles I know I can still hope on you, but its your last chance! Last chance!!! Surprise me.

Eh eh, but you see all those Arsenal, A.C milan and Man U things, e nor consign me at all ( pardon mi language lol)
Ok I'll say it like I used to tell my siblings "no problems whatsoever, any of them that is ready to employ me into their medical team, trust me, my 100% devotion guaranteed, QED!" I mean why not if not? I know say as I dey worry for them, e get better sense, otherwise seriously, wetin consign me for somebody's business adventure? Hilz!
My siblings have been trying so hard to talk me into joining one of their clubs. My brother likes Chelsea FC while my sister likes Manchester United FC. You need to see each of them trying to recruit me, always so funny! LOL!  Well, I always try to be there for both of them whenever any of their teams is playing. Its always good to support Chelsea today only to support Man U tomorrow, except when it comes to when both teams are opposing each other (hmm Na serious matter o!) You know what is most likely already, don't you? Its always funny when my sister had the last laugh! I'm always like "Why do these Chelsea boys have to hurt my brother like this? Who do they think they are? Thank God for this season at least, I wished I was there to celebrate it with my brother, at least for once. Talking about celebrations, Man U peeps are cool sha, very classy peeps! (the ones I've met o). At least I never went out with Chelsea peeps but Arsenal, TUFIAKWA!!! What will we drink to start with? Coke and fanta? Hilz again! [ok my 3rd and last hilz :)]
Mehn I don't really know what it is with those guys. Looks like they were just carefully selected. Those peeps just think they are off da hook! LWKM
Ok, pardon me, maybe I haven't met one 'non-noise-maker' Arsenal fan yet,  but I have met a lot of them to help me start my hypothesis, experiment it, confirm it and draw my conclusions over and over again.
Its only an Arsenal's fan's car that you'll see decorated like a toy house. First of all, the car is painted with red. The interior is just another funny sight on its own. The seat covers have Arsenal inscriptions, check out the back seat and dashboard, covered with jerseys, football, all sorts of Arsenal crested items. No space for human beings anymore *sigh*
Don't forget to check out the car first, it will be one Starlet, Passat or Isuzu Piazza. Check out the owner of the car too, dressed from head to toe with Arsenal stuffs.  Ok you don't want to visit their house either! Do you know sleeping on Arsenal beds, Arsenal curtains... HFTW?[reversed pple, gotta be censored :)]
Do you bath with Arsenal water too? 
And you'll think its only their clothes, cars and stuffs making this noise right? Try watching a match with a group of Arsenal fans when its their club playing. Phew! forget it and check out the highlights later, esp if they scored first, Olala!! E don be be that na! Of course we and they know that they won't win, but just to  feel good as an Arsenal fan for a while we no go hear word. A typical Arsenal fan is very arrogant and boastful (my hypothesis tho! Oya prove me wrong, no be to come and make noise here o, cos you'll only confirm my doubt), that is why I always look for them after the match (not before o) cos then, they can be humble, otherwise you'll never know the humble them.
Mehn when I'm out with Man U peeps to celebrate with them, correct people well dressed in normal clothes like every other person. Only a few of them wore their vest and you'll still see the maturity in it. No tying of hair with crested bands or wearing digital belts. Gosh! That reminds me! How can you be walking and I see your belt first blinking 'ARSENAL' 'ARSENAL' the whole time, like you are some mobile notice board? OWNED! mehn these guys ger a life and ger it very fast!
As I was saying, the only thing that will suggest to you that he's a Man U fan will be his key holder or a very little sticker on his car or nothing! You don't even need to know. Check out the car too, I didn't say anything!
Even Chelsea and Barca peeps that I know, see them going about their business on normal days like no man's business, Of course there's time for everything, time to be a fan and time to go about your own private matter.I don't know how these other people manage to disengage themselves, make time for other things and be other things when they need to be.
Its only a fan of Arsenal FC that will introduce himself first as one before telling you his name. soon them go put am for their CV. A typical Arsenal FC fan thinks everyday is just about his club and him, even if they are in situations where they need to wear other stuffs e.g mechanic's robe, lab coat, school uniform...etc
there'll still be something that will suggest that he's an Arsenal fan. You don't even need to look so hard because it will be very conspicuous.
Anyway I tried to find out why this is so typical of them, and this was my conclusion : Most people that want to join a club for the first time will most likely run to Arsenal, its after a while they will start watching out for other clubs and by that time they would have grown a whole lot (note, not agewise!)
Well, the reason I decided to talk about the fans of Arsenal FC is because those guys are the most faithful and proud fans ever. They are always losing but yet they never give up. Sometimes I feel like they have very short term memory. At the beginning of the match, they are very enthusiastic and optimistic, at the end they lose, they are always subjected to series of heartbreaks but it doesn't stop them from hoping and trusting very much on their clubs the next day! Oh jes! thats one lesson we all have to learn from Arsenal Fans for the EAGLES. If they can be so devoted for something where no even concern them, how much more the "Eagles" where be our very own. Don't let your heart be feeble, visit your doctors before and after every match but still believe that one day e go better.
Whether them win or dey no win o, just keep saying GO EAGLES GO EAGLES Did I hear somebory say chickens? Make I no catch you o LOL

Best wishes for the month!


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