Monday, 12 July 2010


When I saw this, I couldn't help LOL!
I was like "Is this for real?" And I had to answer myself too, "sadly yes"
Ok girls, I know some of you must have been victims of these rules in one way or the other.
If your man talked to you rudely or even treated you in a bad manner, sorry! he probably didn't realize. Football seems to have a way of displacing their senses.

But here's my advice: This is the best time to deal with him just for next time.
So to all the ladies, this has been declared WC AFTERMATH! LOL
You know most of their teams lost, so they are very dissapointed now except of course if he's a SPANIARD :)
Now they'll remember that they can always rely on you. They'll remember that even if their teams will always fail them, but you wouldn't. In you they are sure they can always find a place to run to when they are heartbroken by football :D (i.e if you are not already a craze case o)
So for all the normal girls, jes! I'm talking to you, deal with him small ok?
Maybe for just one week just so he can learn a lesson for next time....although i'm sure he will forget it long before the next WC(The EPL is already around the corner) but still Girls, colonize the remotes, watch fashion shows, let them watch boring girls walk down the runway. Anyway just so he doesn't get used to treating you so selfishly.

Guys don't hate me o!
Ladies ok I said one week, one week ok! Lol


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