Sunday, 1 August 2010

Dream a little!

As you already know, its holiday time, I tend to think a lot during holidays like this cos there's a lot of time to do so many other things. I mean its not the usual worries of school and its stress and the etc etc etc :)
I was going through some pages off the pile up of some 'stuffs' that I wrote a while back, and it stirred up something in me that prompted this write up.
It enacted great thoughts that made me feel like I just needed to stop relenting but go ahead and make it already. Wow I love it when I feel so motivated, I thought maybe I could inspire someone too.
Actually, this is the part of me I share with myself a lot, but today, I'm happy to share a lil bit of that with you.

Success is something everybody desires. But how can you ensure it?
Here are a few things you may want to look at:

1) Vision.....
Firstly, what is vision?
This is a mental picture of your future. Its seeing your future using your mind's eyes.
Vision can also be described as seeing your purpose in clarity. I know I just used the word 'purpose' and its important that I break it down a little bit.
Purpose is the intent of a thing/person. The 'Why' in other words, the reason.
Everything on earth has its purpose, the reason for its existence.
A knife is used for cutting while a pencil sharpener is used for sharpening pencils. Think about if someone was trying to use a pencil sharpener to cut meat, afterall they both possess blades. Bizarre innit? Whereas, if its being used appropriately, you will be able to appreciate and recognise how useful it can be.
Recognising one's purpose is very expedient in understanding one's vision. When defining your purpose, be very specific about it. Do not try to generalize it at all. More often than not you hear people say "I want to be great" or "I will be great".
Great in what? Great as what?....
That is the starting point.....A Great what?
Its only when you define what you want to be that you can be able to work towards achieving that.

After understanding your vision, the next thing you want is how you can achieve it.
Your vision is your destination, that is where you are headed to. Direction is the "how to get there". This is where hardwork, perseverance, planning...and the rest of them are needed.
Its not enough to dream, fold your arms and watch it play out, you have to work towards achieving it otherwise, its described better as fantasies.
The knowledge of your destination is not enough, knowing how to arrive there is ultimate.
There's nothing wrong in dreaming big only if you know you can withstand what it takes to get there.
Remember the bigger your dreams, the greater the efforts required to make it work.

When you understand your vision, you outline your strategies on how to achieve your desires, the next thing you need is focus. FOCUS!
Be committed to what you believe concerns you. Pay more attention to those things that are essential than equating more of your time, energy, and resources to things that are not important to you. Try to discern between what is important and those that are distractions.
Think about a pilot that is heading northwards but locks his gaze east bound...there's bound to be a crash! You can't climb up with so many things in your hands.
You have to decide what you want to carry and drop what is going to do nothing than weigh you down.

If I want to go on elaborating on this, I'm pretty sure I'll leave a long epistle here, so I'll just leave it as it is and hopefully you can break it down a lot more for yourself.

Everything is attainable. Visualize it, strategize, persevere and do not hesitate until you achieve it.

Best wishes!!!


  1. Happy new month to you too and I wish you lots of success. I love how you laid out all the points and it made a lot of sense to me.

  2. Thanks ah bunch,
    and I'm glad it did.

  3. Good to manifest that good things are coming to you in near future! May your dreams come true!


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