Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Music! Music!! Music!!!...

Ok I have been spending pretty much of my time lately listening to music.
Whatzup with all these funny music all around the world? Jeez! How did good lyrics become so far fetched?

Justin Bieber....Whatsup with you? Okay baby, ain't nothing wrong with you singing 'baby, baby' cos we understand you are one. I'm like "oh so cute!" But tell me, 'baby', like you want a girl (chic) or like you wanna be a daddy? Jeez! What has this world turned into? 

Rihanna....What is the matter with you? Have you lost your mind?(sounding like my mum and with  a very intense look).
Girl, Ok snap! We know these things happun, you meet a bad boy and all that, and all that... but puhlease! Get over it already!
And I don't even get it, you're still calling for another RUDE BOY? Haven't you had enough already? I thought Chris was rude enough to give you that great work of (martial) art on your face .
Anyway she says she's HARD. I'm like "you weren't hard when you were with Chris?" He hit you and you suddenly became "so hard ye ye ye". Ok RiRi, I get that feeling, when you just have an experience, you feel thats all that exists, trust me darling(and every girl reading this), you can have better.
But if you still say you want a rude one, maybe some even worse than Chris? then I'll just be good and say "I wish you the best of all you wish yourself"     

Miley Cyrus.... I know you are hot!
But seriously, you can't be tamed? Then no one is to be blamed.
You think its about the fame, so you don't care about the name?
...hahaha y'all didn't know I got rhymes tadaaa! LOL
Ok Miley why? Cos you got some peacock wings you think you've arrived,
so you might as well just fly?
(ohmigosh still with these rhymes! rhymes leave me :D) 
Anyway, Girl, I hope your daddy and your mummy can help you out otherwise I'll read about you soon, but I really hope I don't... See I still got love for this girl Ohmydayz! I'm sure its cos of that song uhmmm 'when I look at you'.
Mehn you surprised me girl! You can be that matured? I know you were joking. You were definitely joking! hahaha Please someone check was that song made on April fools day? Ok mabe it was wriiten on April fools' day. 

Usher...Whats with 'OMG'? Is it another confession? Dude don't worry mehn! You're handsome, just go get them brova. They don't need no confessions, don't know why you keep stressing yourself with them, mattter of fact, they just need ....... hehehe!
Ok I get it, when you saw Will-i-am in those trousers, you couldn't help exclaiming hahaha! i did too. "OMG!"  He thought cool Usher, do that again, again, wow song is ready. 

Funny enough, I love it. The dancing was off tha hook as usu. Usher always dropping it like its hot.

Ke$ha and Lady Gaga.....One advice for both of you! Please stay very far away from alcohol or anything that could make you irrational as much as you can, cos its the only logical reason for some of the sturvs you come up with. As a matter of fact, if you are not low, (low low as in opp of flying in the sky) then stay off the MIC, studios, shows or anywhere that can make you want to sing. You need to be very very low to be able to make good music but seriously these guys just think differently. As a matter of fact, thats where they draw their inspiration from. otherwise why would any body sing BLAH BLAH BLAH (ke$ha) or RA RA RA OLALA (Lady Gaga)? I understand the feeling, it makes you just wanna, but transforming those ta.................lks into songs, OUTRAGEOUS! SSMH (seriously shaking mu head)      
Still on Lady Gaga...ALEJANDRO!  Have you guys seen that video? She just kept saying, Alejandro, don't call my name, don't call my name! I don't know what that guy did to her but one thing is sure, for her to sing it,  make a video, even to the extent of wanting to become a nun, she's very serious.
So Alejandro, please, refrain form calling her name. Don't even BB, FB, email nor tweet that chic. A word is enough for the wise. Mehn dude you should be scared of that lady! You know whu you're dealing with? I guess not:)

Anyway, I guess I'm done with all these people and all their drama, so maybe I'll just go back to some good old India Arie and Alicia Keys Sturvs. Yes I lurrvvvv you babes, Keep doing your cool thang!
Catch y'all la'er cos I need music in my head, music in my head, in my head, my head, head! Some good music tho' and don't worry, I'm not going crazy. I know you are all wondering, 'sup with the music in my head thingy'? Ok maybe I'll start soon my head, head, ga olala ra ra blah blah  ha ha

I'm out guys.


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