Sunday, 17 October 2010


I was walking down the road one day and I was so appalled at what I saw. Two women were fighting, a man  standing by immediately jumped into the middle to separate them when he noticed it had become severe. One of the women stopped hitting the other one and concentrated now on hitting the man. He didn't try to hit back, he only tried to escape some of the heavy punches and slaps. You could see his face turn red, eyes filled with tears he was fighting so hard to hold back. As I looked on, I began to wonder why, because from all indications, he was only trying to help. Apparently, I didn't realize it was the other lady's husband and she just seized the opportunity since she couldn't do much to his wife. Oh my God, he was taking a lot of the punches and he was looking for a way to avoid them instead of hitting the lady. One slap, I thought would have fixed her senses right back in place but no, he didn't hit her. I felt so bad for him, he didn't try to come and fight for his wife, he only came to stop the fight. He didn't deserve all of that, such a gentle man! I was thinking so much of what was going through that guy's mind "maybe if I hit this lady, she'll try to hit me back, and of course I'd be blamed for fighting a lady". I was wondering, would this lady be charged for abusing this hefty man? Go to courts, how many abuse cases involve men as the victim and caused by a lady?
 Hmmn gender inequality.

I watched a programme on TV one time (BBA), one of the house-mates (a lady) started pushing another house-mate (a guy). The reason was simply because the guy told her she was drinking too much and it was so inappropriate. She pushed the guy so much that I personally thought I would have lost it if I were to find myself in that kind of situation. Amazingly, he comported himself like a perfect gentle man and didn't fight her back. Guess what happened later? the girl was punished cos it was so evident that it was her fault but surprisingly, the guy was also punished . For? damn! verbal abuse.  Of course there had to be something just so the guy could be punished too! What if the guy had lost it and laid his hands on the girl? Yes you guessed right! he would have been blamed and punished for physical abuse while the girl would have gone totally free. I even thought he would be commended for exhibiting such self control but no, he was punished somehow. The most annoying part was that both of them saved the same (I mean exact) punishment.

I decided to write about the males first 'cos I know a lot of them would see this and say "yea yea all this feminists talk again"
Bottom line is, it doesn't matter who, male or female, it just doesn't feel good when you are a victim of inequality.
I know a lot of guys are feeling like "tell them", but the truth is, you all will even agree with me that women are the ones that have to worry about gender inequality the most.
A man cheats on his wife/partner, everybody goes, "oh he's just being a man", but when a woman does same, its alarming. Why is it different? Don't they both have feelings? I just hate gender inequality!

I want to share another story, looks like there are a lot of stories to share today :)
There's this couple, the man owns an advertising agency while the wife works in a bank. A typical Friday for the wife is very stressful as its getting to weekend. They spend more time trying to balance up the accounts for the week, attending meetings to prepare for the new week and so on.
Meanwhile for the husband, the reverse is totally the case, they close early on Fridays 'cause its almost like weekend has started already.
The wife finally gets home late at night, sinks into a chair to get a breather. And the very loving husband goes "Sweetheart, welcome! ........,,,,..... Thank God you are finally back cos I'm starving".
According to him he prefers his wife's food to anybody's. How romantic!
Who says a man shouldn't cook sometimes? Who decided that the home front should be exclusively for the lady?
Who defined these roles? I know I have heard something like "a woman's place is in the kitchen", ok now that women are also doing various jobs like the men, what happens to the kitchen?

Its amazing! You'll even see a professional chef go home, cross his legs and expect the wife to do all the cooking. Why? Just because, its more of a woman's place to cook in the home. yea yea social roles!!!
Now this is just talking about the home. What about in the society?
I was so annoyed when I heard that for example, in the Nigerian political sphere, women had 30% of the chances. Well I'm sure the men will go "oh so thoughtful". My question is why 30? Why not just leave it open without defining any percentages for anybody? Why should anybody care if its 60% women and 40% men or the other way round? I reckon it should be all about who is suitable for the job and not about the gender.
Ok what happened when a woman was elected as the first female speaker of the House of Representatives? She was impeached in no time! Well we all know she was wrong but we know a lot of the male government executives are also guilty of the same reasons that were being stated. Maybe we'll say they have just not been caught yet right? or more like nobody needs to bother so much!
Well I wasn't surprise. I'll tell you the part that surprised me, the fact that she was elected amidst the numerous men in the first place. What were they thinking? I guess they were just carried away by winning the elections in the first place that they forgot to think as fast as the woman could. She knew how to plan and strategize immediately long before the men could(of course, thats a smart woman for you).
 I'm sure it only dawned on them a lot later that a woman was their leader. She should have been very careful knowing that she had something that seemed to be such a great disadvantage(being a woman).
Ok I'm not trying to justify her actions whatsoever, but since then, I have been waiting to hear of other culprits being reported, considering how much they all take home every time. Well maybe they know when its beyond the limits for them, hahaha! Perhaps,she wasn't playing her cards right or  it was just because she was a woman. Well I may not be so certain of that, but one thing I do know is that, it could be such a problem for even the dumbest man on earth, if he was being led by the smartest person in the whole world that was a woman.

Come to think of it, who says a woman cannot be the president of Nigeria?
Well its happening in other places.
Watch out for this generation because I'm sure a lot of people will be dazed at the changes.
This is one generation I know that is filled with a lot of motivated people.

Meanwhile if you see that woman that would be ready to take on Nigeria's plenty issues, I'd so like to meet her.
Please ladies ladies don't mind me,


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