Monday, 1 November 2010

Tough decision…. but very worthwhile!

Hey everyone!
I checked all my posts and I realized that I have never posted anything that is related to health. I sat and thought, “Why am I even going to school, if I cannot start embracing my profession and act like I’ll be graduating someday? …soon tho :)

Anyway, here’s something that is more health related.
I was undergoing my clinical rotations last month and some of the places I was sent to were cardiology and pulmonology clinics.
What I saw there was indeed touching. I saw people who had to live with conditions which they caused themselves;
People with severe cardiac and respiratory diseases, all induced by smoking.
After this, I had to really hold myself from running to the streets to start a campaign against smoking already.
I saw myself trying to answer the question I kept asking myself, “But why?”
Wrong choices! Bad choices! A choice they had to make earlier on in life. 
Some choices just give us the immediate feedbacks right there and then, while some are just prolonged, more like saved for later.
I kind of even prefer the immediate outcome of what we do today than punishing our later lives with the mistakes of our today.
There I was looking at the faces of all these people (so piteous and sad), I knew one thing was certain, if they were given a chance to relive their lives, all over again, they would definitely make a choice against smoking.
Just some little time of youthful pleasure, leaving a long-lasting nightmare to their aged lives.  I bet most of them said something like “Of course, I’ll die someday, if not due to the complications of smoking, but definitely by something else”. They never envisaged being moved around from one ward to another just in an attempt to seek for the very life that they once cared so little about.
So much pain and anguish! If only they had read in between the lines of ‘smoking is dangerous to health’.
I think every smoker should visit these wards, so maybe they can understand the implications of what they are doing – that is, if it’s really worth it.
Hey the next time you hear ‘smoking is dangerous to health’, it means smoking actually kills!
It might mean nothing to you today, but trust me you’ll remember these sort of messages someday.

Be careful with the choices you make today, and have you a wonderful new month!


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