Wednesday, 1 December 2010

What are you grateful for?

Aww! I can't believe December is here already!
I woke up to a very lazy start today.
Thank God I had a day off from my clinical practice today, at least I could spend some more time on my bed. Just laying there staring into the ceilings, thinking of all the things I have to do once I can get my butts off the bed :)
And then I heard my message tone, someone sent me a message. I checked, I had 3 other unread messages already. Too many messages for one morning!

I went ahead to check the first one, it was a 'happy new month' wish. Aww that was it! I didn't realise December was here already. Gosh how did I let that skip my mind?! I quickly whispered a prayer to God.
I looked out of my window, the whole place was covered up with snow. Very beautiful scenery, amazing beauty by God (even though I was happy that I didn't have to step out early today)

Later on, my sister called. It wasn't just the usual calls. She had some amazing news she wanted to share with me. She just heard news about the release of her final results from school. She's been waiting for this for so long but it has just been unavoidably delayed. It was like everything had come to a stand still for her and she was just constantly depressed everytime she thought about it. She kept hoping month after month, until I and my mum asked her to stop hoping and just settle her mind for next year. At least next year was far enough for everything to be sorted out so she won't be more dissapointed than she already was.

That was indeed a great news. I was so happy! I thought about all the goodness I have enjoyed through out the year too.... my life, good friends, family....
I knew I had to give God a proper "Thank you".

I want to admonish you to take some time out to reminisce and be thankful for 2010 too. What are you grateful for? Think about your life, all the achievements, all the troubles that never came your way.
And if you think that maybe you do not have a good reason to be; maybe because you still have a lot that you want to achieve in 2010 and the year is already coming to an end, then maybe all you need is just a lil bit of hope. You still have 30 more days and it could still happen. Take my sister's case as an example.

But if you think of the fact that we are still walking on the same earth that has swallowed up a lot of people, then maybe you'd have enough reason to be thankful. Think about all the times you picked up a paper to read about some tragedy that you never experienced. If you'd just think a lil bit, just a lil bit, I'm sure you'd have several reasons to be grateful.

Happy December!


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