Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy 2011!

..Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy Birthday…
Ooops! It’s the 2nd of January already. So that’s it…my birthday is done and gone.
Wow! So I can only experience another one in 2012.

Ooops! Happy New year everyone!
Pardon my self-centeredness and I’m sorry this is coming late too.
It was supposed to be here yesterday but I was busy having fun. Thanks to good friends, they made my day a very memorable one.

Got any plans for 2011 already?
I guess I should start by telling you mine.
For me, I’m still trying to align my goals towards that of self development for now. It takes a while to cook something good right?

No rush in life, no hurry in life!
Okay that’s a line from another song.
I’m singing a lot today. I guess it’s the aftermath of yesterday’s joys. I’m always overjoyed for the New Year cos every single one pushes me gradually to where I’m headed.

Well that’s it! There’s not much to say today except "enjoy the new year"


Try to think about what you want this year to be like for you, and of course PLAN on how you can make them happen. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everything will work according to your plans, but it goes a long way in keeping you focused on achieving your set out goals.
Remember, ‘if you don’t set goals for yourself, you will live your life fulfilling other people’s goals’ either way, a goal must be achieved.

Best wishes for 2011.
Have a great year!


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