Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Music love!

Ok guys it's only February and I'm already looking out for which artist will come up with a smash hit for 2011.
Something meaningful though, not some crap with beats!
Talking about craps, didn't we just have a lot of them last year?

...Pretty boy swag by Soulja Boy tell 'em
      Seriously guys, If you're trying to tell a girl how swagalicious you are and she's just not paying attention? Simple, hit the studio mehn. She's gonna buy your music and hear about your "pretty boy swag pretty boy swag pretty boy swag" ! That's it, just 3 words and a song is out. And guess what? Yea you guessed right....IT'S GONNA SELL! Like for real? Hell yea, in today's world yea!!!

... California girls by Katy Perry
Sometimes I want to forget and ask whatsup with you girl??? But on a second thought, I remember oh my! She's just being Katy, not your typical girl hahaha! I mean the first time I knew her, she kissed a girl just cos of her cherry chap stick. I can expect anything from her, you know they say first impressions matter a lot.
I just believe it's ok for Katy to dance with candies and gummy bears..BUT SNOOP!!! What's up Dawg?
Did you turn 10 again? Maybe the title "California GIRLS" shoulda helped you out! 'GIRLS' Snoop, girls!!!
Snoop dancing with gummy bears in that video was a big surprise to me. I mean this guy is supposed to be like a God Father in the music world. He's been around and I mean around like a big boy.
Anyway, whatever helps him stay young at heart right?

... Hello goodmorning by P Diddy
"Hello, goodmorning"...song is done hahaha! At least there's always an opportunity for a remix.
Thank you Diddy, you're far too kind! 'Goodmorning' right back at you.
Meanwhile, please has he changed his name again? I just hope I'm not stale on that.

... Whip my hair by Willow Smith
Hmm! I'm still trying to get used to Justin Bieber and the whole hype surrounding him, here comes another kid, this time, just 9 years old with this RiRi's Kinda hair and look (You know the I'm so hard kinda) and she's whipping it. Ok not only is she addressing her haters, but she's also partying!!!
Trust me, if I saw that girl in a club, no offence but I'll ask who let her in.
Jeez what's this world turning into anyway?!

Ooops! I can't believe I've already dropped you guys a long epistle here when I only came in to wish you a happy new month.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of the month.
Happy February 2011!


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