Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Speak to yourself....

Happy New Month everyone.
I've been a little reluctant with posting something here today. Anyway, I had to just break out of it and try to come around. I know there's someone out there waiting for my "happy new month post", well here it is :)

I was trying to think of something to put up here, but my mind has just been so preoccupied with other things that it failed to come up with some good inspiration. Anyway, I posted something today on my twitter page, I said "Speak to yourself, it listens..." While I was still thinking of what to write, I thought, why don't I just elaborate more on that?

So here we go:
Have you ever looked at yourself and wondered what people thought about you? How people really see you?
Most times, it's much more than your dress, your hair or even your skin.
It's about what's underneath everything.
I tell you, people will only see you the way you choose to see your self.
And that reminds me of that old adage that says " Treat yourself good, it gives people a definition on how to treat you"
If you see yourself as useless, and you just choose to walk around with a grumpy kinda look, sooner than later, people are going to start seeing you exactly that way.

Majority of the people in this world are those that are best at bringing others down, in their attempt to make themselves look better. Please, for your sake, do not allow anybody make you accept their definition for your life. If they are callous enough to define you to what suits them, then there's really little you can do to help them. That's their ignorance not yours but at least do not believe them.

Do not stay mute! Tell yourself :
You're amazing
You're beautiful
You're the best
This I think is rather easy.
Leonard Cohen said, "Act the way you'd like to be, and soon you'll be the way you act"

Be the best you can possibly be guys, and never let anyone try to make you feel lowly


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I enjoy reading them :)

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