Friday, 25 March 2011

New! My video pick - week 1 + comic relief

I'm introducing something new here. There'll always be a " my video pick" every weekend, so don't forget to look out for that. I have been kinda doing it for a while (but more like a test), but now this is to officially introduce that it has come to stay. The concept is simple, something funny, cos I love to laugh; or something interesting or entertaining cos I believe the weekend is for relaxation and for some good fun; or just generally something I like....  it is "my video pick", remember? :) But like always, it's only here because I want you to enjoy it.

Here's the very first one, Trapped in me by Vic O. It's supposed to be a musical piece, but lets leave it at comedy. Trust me you'll understand why, when you're done watching.
Don't say I didn't warn you, well laughter they say is the best medicine.


Thanks for your feedback!
I enjoy reading them :)

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