Friday, 15 April 2011

Video pick - week 4

Yea girl, I'm so  inspired!
Nice one by Waje
As always, EnjoY!

Please who knows who the the rapper is?
she is good

A great weekend to y'all


  1. yeaa,whatever anyone does,it won't let it get to me,I'm so inspired.Not only is she a good rapper,she's got swag like none and she's beautiful with good concepts.
    Thanks for the follow,have a lovely weekend too.xoxoxoxo

  2. I don't know oh, but she IS good!!


  3. i dnt really like this song sowi :/
    i jst dnt think muna is cut out for rapping..she shld let it go. not everyone can be a rapper *sighs*
    the song isnt too bad sha

  4. Oh sorry dear, I hope I can put something you'll like next time. On a brighter note, you came up with the name we've been searching for :) I like her tho, or your point is that she's better at something else? And what could that be?

  5. i really liked it. Its not everyday you see a nice song.


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