Friday, 29 April 2011

Video pick - Week 6

This is dedicated to the good people of Nigeria, especially to those that lost their lives or their loved ones during the post election violence.
May God grant us the fortitude to bear the loss.

To sign a petition for the immediate withdrawal of youth corpers from the trouble prone states, Click here

And for everyone that will not relent until we propel Nigeria to where we want it to be....Hold my hands!

A song by Michael Jackson and Akon

Like always, Enjoy!

A great weekend to y'all


  1. i definitely will not relent until Nigeria regains its lost glory. I heard the corpers have been removed from the north. thnkgoodness!!

  2. i heard abt all the cheating going on with the elections, but i had not heard abt the post violence. very sad.

    p.s. yes, it's all my hair. your comment made me smile. haha. i tend to get the most compliments on my hair when it's big and poofy which normally means i did it myself ;)

  3. sweet song!!! Let's keep on; with our writing, talk, walk, profession; let's use it to propel Nigeria to great heights ... I'll hold your hand!!


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