Sunday, 1 May 2011

Kick the loads off

For this "new month's" post, I'll be dedicating it to a good cause.
It's for people trying to fight excess weight.

But before that, I want to say welcome to sunny days Yes!!!  (except for some drops of rain a few now and then, trying  to mess up the whole fun)

You'll agree with me that one thing that is common with the summer is people trying to show off their six packs and well toned body on a nice skimpy outfit. You don't blame them, when it gets too hot, you just want to rip off everything and just go bare LOL!!!
During the winter, I try to add as much weight as I can but during the summer I don't bother so much tho. Wanna know why?--- Apparently, cold has not dealt with your skinny ass before :)
Well seriously, the fat helps a lot with heat combustion.
That notwithstanding, there's nothing as repelling as fat layers spilling out of your dress, so please if you still have those lil muffin tops(fats around your abdominal area), you might want to still leave some heavy clothes on no matter how hot it may be until you can get rid of them :)

Apart from trying to go cool and trendy, lets look at the dangers of being overweight to health.

It has been known to be the predominant risk factor for several disease conditions which include:
-Hypertension - Increase in blood pressure
-Dyslipidemia - Disorders of lipid metabolism in the blood
- Cardiovascular diseases- Diseases affecting the heart and blood vessels
-Osteoarthritis - Degenerative disease of the joints of the body
-Respiratory diseases
-Diabetes melitus (type 2)
-Gall bladder diseases
-Sleep disturbances

If Jennifer Hudson could transform from this

to this

There's nothing impossible sweetheart, you too can do it...

Most of the things you need are those you can find right within you. If you would just search a little deeper, I'm sure you can find 'em. You'll need diligence, perseverance, hard-work, zeal, creativity....

And....of course I know you'll need some motivation too, so I'm sending some your way already

This video is a simple illustration of how you can use dancing to attain your goal of staying fit and healthy. You do not need well defined professional moves. The goal is to move your body for a considerably long period of time to effect some tension on your fat deposits which will cause them to burn out.

... Hold on, I'm not done yet with the motivation

Me in the middle of some workout ;)

And yet another one :)

Hope that helped?
Stay healthy peeps!!!

Enjoy your May!


  1. Errr What fat are you trying to reduce??? Lol! Hudson is so impressive isn't she?


  2. lol @ Adiya`s Question, "Errr What fat are you trying to reduce???" i think she is just keeping shape..nice post Miss JB.

  3. LOL...@Adiya
    ..Yea she did a really good job.
    And I'm not trying to lose weight, it was a muscle training workout, as you can see with the freeweights :)
    Thanks DIDI :)

  4. she looks sooooo good. kudos to her! she cracks me up with her signature double wave. haha.

    p.s. shoot me an e-mail if you have a hair question...

  5. i like the video lets move. Another way to reduce the fat is stress believe i know. I've lost so much weight in the past two months that i have dropped two sizes. lol

  6. She looks amazing. And to think she lost the weight after giving birth to her child.
    But then again, not everyone has access to a personal trainer and a dietician.

  7. Hey dear, so good to see you around again. How was your USLME? As I remember thats where you were at before you got MIA :)

    Yea working with professionals that understand your needs and know exactly how to help is indeed very helpful but trust me the most important factor here is determination thats why I really respect this lady for the courage.

  8. Lol, what did you call them? "Lil muffin tops" thats funny. But yeah everyone owes himself/herself good health and good eating habits.

  9. Jeeeezzzzz....Jane!!!!Pls dont work-out luv, i dont want u to disappear. Meanwhile, nice articles u have here, i didnt even know u had a blog. Kip it up darling, much luv.


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