Saturday, 28 May 2011

Video pick - Week 9

Hey guys
This week's video pick. Guess?

I had a lot going for me this week that at a point I just wanted to relax and take my mind off everything. I remembered those funny sketches on Saturday night live, I had to go online and find them. I love them.
I love anything comedy, make that good comedy.
I always like to enjoy a good laugh; so if you're a friend with that great sense of humor, be rest assured that I'll never let you go anywhere :)

I found this one Justin Timberlake did recently with Lady Gaga, I thought you might also like it.
Like always, EnjoY!

A good weekend to y'all.


  1. looool i watched that, it was hilarious, SNL is the ish

  2. Simply hilarious! It is good to have a good laugh!


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