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Ankara love

Wow I've been checking for some nice ideas for summer outfits and I was so overwhelmed by how much African prints have taken into the global fashion sphere. It's amazing!
A lot of clothing lines are trying to embed them into their style ranges this summer. There's something about it though that I can completely understand. Summer is characterized by people wearing clothes in bold colours and prints. The idea behind exploring tribal prints for summer is becoming very vast. And you know when you talk about bold prints, give it to those African fabrics, they are bold and catchy.

                      Gwen Stefani wearing a piece from L.A.M.B's collection
                      Photo-credit - Source  

Now i'm very sure one of my teachers will be so mad at me because he asked me to bring one for him when I was travelling home. It so happened that I had to do a presentation about Nigeria and I talked about them with some pictures and he was really captivated.
It's not totally my fault though. I didn't want to just give him the wrapper cos I thought he would just turn it into a bedspread or carpet Lol
I wanted to make it into a nice cut out outfit for him because the ones I showcased during my presentation were those made into nice styles and worn by people. I didn't want him to think I played a fast one on him when he saw just a long rectangular piece. Lol
I asked him to give me his measurements but I don't even know what he was saying and somehow he didn't until I traveled and came back and then he wasn't teaching me again and now I don't even see him again....
Anyway, I tried. I just hope he doesn't see them these days and think he would have had one of those if not that I refused to give him :(

Burberry's collection
Photo-credit: Source

They are really lovely. You do not really appreciate the things that you see around you until you find yourself in a situation where you can't find them so easily again. I know how much I'd spend to buy other dresses and carefully not choose anything with those prints; but right now, I know all the magic I and my tailor could create by merging our ideas together to make some nice pieces for me.
Talking about my tailor hmm! I hope I can still afford her services though. I remember how she told us(I and my friends) not to call  her 'tailor' again, instead we should address her as a seamstress because it was more 'hippy', before we could get used to that, she changed it again to 'a fashion designer'. Best believe as the name changed, so did the price. Now I heard she has upgraded it to 'a couturier'. She's really good though. As a matter of fact, all those Nigerian small tailors sorry couturiers (lol) are so underrated. Most of them are really good with incredible styles that cannot even be questioned on any red carpet event or wherever.

Anyway back to talking about ankara materials. Now I do understand why my mum used to say "Ankara has come to stay". She was buying them! I and my siblings thought hers was a tad too much. Like don't you get tired of collecting them? Wait till she sees all these new inventions and the impact it is making in the global world. I'm sure she'll close down one room and store them there or something Lol.

The creativity with these materials is really mind blowing though, I am speechless myself. There's nothing I haven't seen; from bags, to shoes, to hair accessories...and this post will never be complete if I do not acknowledge the wonderful creations by Alex Folzi. They just took everything to a different level with these brilliant master pieces. Who thinks of suitcases in Ankara prints? Give it up to those guys, their creativity is top notch.

I'll just leave a couple of pictures for you to enjoy.



Aren't you just loving those prints even more right now?


  1. Ankara is a material that can not go out of fashion. In order word it is a 'going concern'.

    All other materials may go out of fashion but ankara has been reigning since the days of old and is still reigning today and will continue to reign tomorrow.

    As for your tailor or sewing mistress or whatever, what she is doing is called 'rebranding'. Rebranding comes with it own cost. The 'hippier' the name, the more the charges. In order to avoid paying much money for sowing my cloths, I give them to tailor rather than fashion designer or whatever. If you change your brand name from tailor to fashion designer, then me too I will change from you to another tailor. Lol

  2. Kudos to Alex for f the good work,not really an ankara fan but they are slowly creeping into our wardrobes,they need border pass to get into mine though.I like the way its being attached to tees,especially the ladies line.. a girl friend of mine who "Juliet" is your 54th follower has a clothing line called ZEDICROSS.. check her blog out ... does a good work with the blending of local & foreign materials. Please look for that teacher and get him his ankara shirt & as for that seamstress,i think u should make good use of her before she changes her name again coz the more she changes it,the more expensive she becomes. :)

  3. @ Surprise, I should start my search right? hahaha. I pray I don't have to LOl
    @Didi, really? Wow that's really innovative! I would love to check out her designs for real.
    For that teacher, ermm you think I just have to right? I should!

  4. U should or else i`m gonna look for that dude show him where U live..:P don`t under estimate GooGle Earth.

  5. @Didi, Lol you don't even know where I live. You want to use Google Earth, best believe you'll find yourself in mars.

  6. Beautiful..I wonder if this oyibo designers are giving the credit to Africa as this its true origin..:)

  7. Yeah, we are making waves as Africans

  8. I like your blog; won't mind linking with you.

  9. I laughed heartily at your tailor/seamstress/designer/couturier gist cos that could easily have been one of my clients talking about me :-D
    I sorta kinda like being called "tailor" cos I just love making dresses and I think that's different from being a designer, whose job it is to come up with the concept from scratch whether or not they can sew(I think).
    Having recently moved away from home, I'm learning quickly that the fashion industry here is way different. What most tailors in Naija do is called couture here and I respect "Naija tailors" now, more than ever before cos in spite of the constraints back home, they never cease to impress!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :o)

  10. I'm loving the prints.
    I've always loved ankara

    Your tailor made me laugh. Well, whatever makes her happy abi?
    Reminds me of cleaners who call themselves 'Domestic Managers' LOL

  11. @Gbemisoke Hahaha! I thought I'd get away with this without my tailor seeing it and oops! Here I have you to worry about now LOL
    Seriously those Nig tailors really deserve some credits. They do everything from making the sketches to choosing the right fabrics. Sometimes I just go with my fabric with absolutely no idea of what I want with it and they turn it into something absolutely incredible.
    Thanks a lot for coming around too.

    @Jude, Thanks a lot

    @Ilola, Yea! It's long overdue

    @Unveiling gold, I believe they are

    @ N.I.L Lol seriously, whatever makes her feel good otherwise my dress might suffer it
    LOL @ domestic managers! If it'll help them clean well, there's absolutely no problem.

  12. I saw this! Up up for Alex Folzi! I hope Ankara is here to stay oh! I bet we can keep it that way :D


    Love that LAMB collection btw

  13. Ankara is great, and I'll be rocking some of the dresses I cam with from Naija this summer.

    And yeah, they're couture. Custom made by a tailor I mean, lol...

  14. @Corner shop, I guess it's safe to say it is.

    @Myne, Lucky you, I can only boast of one or 2 right now. Lol you're so funny. No we've given them the go ahead to become couturiers, as long as they continue to make us proud :)

  15. i love Alex Folzi
    those briefcases are the ish men

  16. So i knew it was not my imagination. I've been seeing whiteys around wearing dresses made out of ankara lately and been mouthing the fact that ankara is launching a subtle fashion takeover.

  17. ankara,ankara ankara,i don't relly dig it but i have a couple of lovely collections,now I'm gonna copy these ones
    lolz @ yhur tailor and @ NIL domestic managers,that's why cooks now wanna be called chef and caterer,it makes em happy

  18. @Laurenta, You should check out their whole collection. Mad creativity!
    @T.Notes, Hey there
    @Gretel, Better start digging them 'cos very soon they'll become so expensive you'll be so thankful that you did :)

  19. i am loving these prints! i'm actually wearing this type of print in a skirt later this week. can't wait to post the look! i'm really digging the shorts in the first drawing.

  20. Now ffg ur blog dear.
    Thanks for dropping by mine.

    Gorgeous outfits...I
    *a giveaway wouldn't be a bad idea* lol

  21. Lovely and colorful doubt*

  22. alex folzi <3 pure brilliance!

    i am in the process of designing an ankara dress for myself, having SO much difficulty deciding on a design tho -__- lol

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  23. her collection is stunning.. she's one of the main reasons why so many africans have embraced their traditional wear. she has helped evolute it into todays world


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