Monday, 13 June 2011

A Beyonce diss?

Didn't think so! It's more like the outburst from a disappointed fan juxtaposed with the sincere truth.

First of all I want to say a big congratulations to Beyonce on the release of her new work. She has indeed been working so hard.
This was a little delayed because I don't like to be a mood spoiler.
I hope you enjoyed all the excitements for the new song tho?
If you're not done with the excitement, then I'm not sure you'll be able to receive this, so go back and relive all of that, and only click this when you are sure you're ready to stand what can be described as the bitter truth.

I received this email from a friend a couple of days ago.

Ok first all dear, I'm not a music critic or am I? :)
I just love good music so much that it hurts sometimes, hence my regular uncontrolled rants.
I love Beyonce so much, you have no idea. When I heard that 'run the world', I was like no not another feministic song from Beyonce. But I thought about it again and said, "yea she's just trying to empower women as usual. You know, maybe a lot of women do need to hear things like these everytime just to keep them on their toes".
That was it, it happens, when you like someone, you tend to make excuses for them innit? :)
Or maybe my conclusion was indeed logical. I think it was or do you think otherwise?

....Song dismissed with the excuses, now waiting for the video....

Counting on all the hype, I was really hoping.
But should I say I was disappointed when I saw it? YES ABSOLUTELY!!!
Yes to be honest, I carefully avoided talking about it. I was basically operating on the 'if you don't have anything nice to say, then say nothing' rule.

The dance was really captivating. I loved it.
Again Beyonce showed her very versatile talent in that video and of course her creative mind is top notch! Trust her to be the only one that can think of something like using those African moves and dancers.

What I didn't like most about the video was the theme "girls run the world" especially the way she interpreted it.
By acting all uncultured and *razz? (take a clue from razz-ma-tazz)
Did you notice she even flipped the bird finger?

To tell you the truth, I was expecting something really classy and sophisticated for the video and not her trying to play lady gaga or something. Save it for the masters, you can never be better than the original, so why don't you just stick to being that special you?

As an ardent Beyonce fan for years, I can only tell you so much about Beyonce.
She's a go getter, she's really strong willed with an incredible fighting spirit. She believes she can be anything and works so hard at it.
Sometimes, this can be wrong, yes trying to work hard to be everything can be so wrong.
She cares so much about competition. Which could be good, but at the same time very misleading.

Let's do a little playback:

Everybody starts talking about how Shakira has her unique style of shaking her body;
 fast-fast, girl friend released 'beautiful liar' perhaps she can show her fans that she's better.

Etta James said I see myself in Christina Aguilera a lot;
Sharply girlfriend decided to go take over by doing her 'At last'.

Ciara is known for playing the 'tom boy' role so well and she did that 'like a boy' to explore the different roles she can play; Did or didn't Beyonce try to measure up with that in her 'upgrade you' video?

Rihanna came on with good girl gone bad and it seemed like a lot of people were liking it; Beyonce released her 'I am Sasha fierce' and made sure that she was acting really fierce.

Now the whole world is Gaga crazy. Beyonce has concluded that she might lose her fans if she doesn't go crazy too. She started by getting some good grooming with the 'telephone song', So perhaps now she is ready to take over huh?

Sweetheart, these fans loved you singing all those 'me, myself and I', 'halo', 'If I were a boy' and will continue to love you. You don't need to go flipping like a chameleon.

I'm just saying, she's been out there. She has topped the charts. She has found her voice and people all over the world can recognize it. All she needs to do is to say she has a new album and everyone will be flocking to go listen to it. What's the need for trying to go extra extra(I mean out of the way) commercial?
Shouldn't she just relax now and make convenient music? (especially good ones that she'll always be remembered for).
I mean seriously, you can't see Alicia Keys doing some messed up stuff like that, and guess what? Beyonce will definitely want to be described alongside Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Lionell Richie, and the likes while also working hard to maintain her place with Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Willow Smith, Kesha and the likes.
No wonder she decided to split her personalities. How convenient!
So this is from Sasha fierce now right?

Queen B, trouble inducer! Don't you ever push me, my face no dey fear yours o  LOL


  1. Like you, I didnt like the 'Girls run the World' video or song
    I feel she is trying TOO HARD.
    I respect her for all she has achieved, but I'd like her to tone it down a notch.
    Elegance is a timeless quality. Ask the 'everlasts' like Lionel Ritchie, Stevie wonder and Aretha Frankilin.

  2. Although i`m not a B fan..i think she rocks. people are gonna say whatever they want.,we just have to understand that when someone gets to the peak,the next thing is a slow decline..SHE still ROcks anyday.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. @N.I.L I'm glad I found someone that shares my view on this

    @Didi, yea she rocks, I can attest to that. I'm just saying she should try to be herself. People will still subscribe to her anyday. She doesn't need to try to be like Gaga, that's just embarrassing.
    @Anonymous, The reason your comment was removed is because: First of all, this blog doesn't tolerate all that 'nastiness'. Wanna say something, say it and please don't abuse any other user in the process. Make sure it's void of contempt, and most especially choose your words wisely.
    And please do yourself a favour, get rid of that anonymous status, it only indicates cowardice. Make 'your' point and not some anonymous blabbing trash. Thanks!

  5. Wow! I have never thought about beyonce like that, but now that you mention it, i see exactly what you mean!!

    I actually didn't like the song, but the video was pretty cool. Wasn't surprised at the razzness cause i think she kinda is.


  6. MsJB u're so right, I remember my house-mate played this song on speakers consecutively and I'm like ''help me Lord not to lose it'' I don't like the song one bit, the video was okay but I preferred the two guys she danced with to her, and yes she should stop trying to be what she's not we like her as ''Irreplaceable''

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  8. i love beyonce and always like to support her. but i must say there is a lot of truth in this, she seems to be trying too hard, have u noticed the weight loss? well who wouldn't loose weight after doing such dance routines! God help them all

  9. *sigh*
    I actually love that song
    It makes me what to dance, and id rock it in a club anyday
    I loved the video even more,
    LOL im one of the few people who like the song, i didn't like it at first, then the video totally sold me.
    Girls do not run the world, Women do :p

  10. i seriously concur wt u.. m her ardent fan but i feel this video went to far in empowering women so much and very hard at dat.. i also seriously agree wt d fact dt shes tryng to hard to be others... she needs to learn to stick to bn herself and pple will love her for dat..

  11. i haven't seen the video :( but the song is growing on me. these types of songs seem to work for her so i'm not mad that she keeps putting them out. i got a chance to hear the leaked album and it gets two thumbs up from me! i will prob even actually buy it when it comes out.

  12. Sorry, I'm not a B fan at all at all! Lol.

    I think she's impressive and all with all her accomplishments, but she's too much and tries too hard. And like you said, always trying to outdo whoever is doing well. She should just be herself. That's enough.

    I will say though, that she's really gifted. Mehn! Imagine if that gift was used to glorify God?! #justsaying#


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