Friday, 3 June 2011

Video pick - week 10

Rihanna's new video, "man down".
Apparently, RiRi just shot a man down hehehe

As always, EnjoY!

LOL who also thinks this girl needs some therapy already?
I actually loved the African flair and I think she could make a very good reggae artist.
She did a fantastic job at it and her voice also sounds perfect for it.

Enjoy your weekend guys!


  1. i love this video and the fact that they blocked it for a while and are talking bad about it is ridiculous. but she does have some unresolved anger issues lol

  2. Lol I can completely understand their plight. You know how youths are (esp the ones in America), they subscribe to the media for almost all of their learning. You can imagine how many men are going to be down after this.

  3. mmmm....I wonder how many vacuum heads will imitate this.
    I find reggae a bit boring but I do like her voice.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    I'm popping you on my blogroll so I'll be back

  4. Thanks N.I.L. I like your blog too. I absolutely enjoyed reading that "life is not a dress rehearsal". It was really a great piece. I even had to share it on my facebook page :)

  5. That profile pic brought me ere,i would admit!!!Nice page u've got ere.Funny that i avnt been around b4!

  6. The video was very interesting. I don't know what all the fuss was about. She did kill the guy, but she was remorseful after all so...


  7. Thanks for sharing the post on your facebook page.
    I am really honoured

  8. I did love that video and her style too,i wonder what they are mad at,it's her personal story and how she woud want to resolve it jor.
    Long time.

  9. @T.notes, awww thanks a lot!

    @Adiya, My sentiments exactly! I think maybe they should look at it like she was trying to pass a message across. She regretted it and even tried to mention the consequences she has to face later, which is something these parents should capitalize on and try to break down for their children rather than try to ask for it to be removed.

    @N.I.L, My pleasure :)

    @Gretel,It's been a while dear, where have you been hiding?
    I mean that video is better compared to the message she portrayed in Russian Roulette. How come they didn't say anything for that one?
    I just feel these parents are scared of playing their role and they try to take it out on the video.

  10. i love this song i just see the name got me singing in my head hows bloging going for you check out my new blog if you watch one of the movies tell me what you think


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