Friday, 8 July 2011

Video pick - Week 15

Aww I can't even pretend, I love Beyonce!
After my last "semi lashing" on her, I promised I'll just close up on her but I'm so happy it didn't work and I happened to click this on youtube, I just remembered why I love her so much :)

Here's her new music video for the song, 'best thing I never had'

As always, EnjoY!

How cute is she in that video?
B please can you just stay like this? We know where to find Lady Gaga if we need her pleaaaaaaaaaaase
*sigh* song is on replay tho!

Have a great weekend everyone


  1. Love the lyrics...and the theme

  2. OMDayzzzzz


    beyonce is an inspiration

  3. I must be getting old because I couldn't watch the video past 30 seconds.
    To be honest, her see-through underwear was distracting me from the song and I prefer to listen without the 'distracting visuals' :)))
    Seriously though, do we (women) need to sell songs by showing boobs and crotch. I just feel it demeans the artiste.
    mmmm....I have finished my rant oh. Bite me! LOL

  4. I really like watching her! I don't think i really feel this song though

    Adiya (formally the corner shop- had to change my url X_x)

  5. Hey y'all
    I'm glad you liked it. B is a genius huh? :)
    @N.I.L, I can completely understand. What can I say? I guess it's safe to say that it's completely making way into our minds as not alarming for a celebrity in her music video. I'll bring you something you might like next time. Fingers crossed :)
    @Muse origins, you don't? Why is that?

  6. @MsJB
    LOL @'fingers crossed'.....please feature whatever you like oh.
    I'm an old, cranky woman so just ignore my rant. LOL
    When it comes to female singers.....I'm more of a Nneka, Lauryn Hill or Tracy Chapman fan.
    have a blessed week xoxoxox

  7. Erm Beyonce,please don`t listen to MsJB. U can be who ever U wanna even Rebeca Black. lol. *Runs Away*

  8. Alot better that 'run the world' video but im still not a fan, i'll stick to her audio output if i must!

  9. @N.I.L, Hmm I see you love that old vibe. Don't worry, it's definitely going to be what I like, but I need to introduce you to something modern
    You can't be "old and cranky", not when you visit 'no dull moment' :P
    Thanks a lot, have a great one too.
    @Didi, Please join hands with me and pray that she stays like this. Don't spoil a girl's dreams :)
    @P.E.T projects, I guess that's always the case with Beyonce, some people hate the very things that make others adore her. Irony of life

  10. This video is amazing, she looks so happy in it :)

  11. I loove Bee and I loove the song!!!
    Thank you for the comment and for following me, your blog is so funny i'll pass very often :)


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