Saturday, 16 July 2011

Video pick - Week 16

For this week's "video pick", I want to also seize the opportunity to introduce Bom-C, the latest artist in the block.
With over 3 singles produced and the release of his debut video "marry me", Bom-C delves into the music sphere with his amazing gift of singing and rapping. With his skillful blend of afro-pop and hip-hop, Bom-C presents himself as a very creative and highly talented artist.
There will definitely be more successes to come for this upcoming artist, no doubt 'cause hard-work only precedes triumph.

Just like the "fireworks" video by Katy Perry, this master piece was shot in the beautiful city of Budapest.
Like always, EnjoY!

Yea your guess is right, he's a friend but you know me, I usually say it as it is. Trust me on this one when I say that he's definitely one to look out for.

Click here to check him out.
And thanks for every form of support :)

A good weekend to y'all


  1. Fantastic blog, Very Nice video and wow this dude is something(hot). Will surely promote him.

  2. lol..i like the video,,nicely shot, hmmmmm am going to be humming dis in my head all day

  3. His song has a nice hook, and he looks like a nice guy.

  4. @Anonymous, Thanks! He'll be very glad to know that.
    LOL @Uduak
    @Myne, thanks.
    Thanks a lot peeps, I'm sure this means a whole lot to him!

  5. Bommmmmmmm C :)...all the way from Budapest...Much respect. Nice1

  6. Aww JB welldone. I so love this. Mehn Boma tried bigtime. The video is flawless. I hope he knows he owes you one for this :)
    Your blog is great, didn't know you had one :)

  7. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing this song.


    Carmen Vogue

  8. hmmm...we hope to hear more..


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