Friday, 22 July 2011

Video pick - week 17

For a lot of Africans, 2face doesn't need any introductions.
He's an entertainer and he's known for always doling out those sort of melodies that keep you steadily moving  :)
Watch his latest work, 'Be there'
Like always, EnjoY

I like 2face, seriously I just like to see him as nothing short of an entertainer, especially the way he talks.
I'm just imagining him trying to introduce this video now, it would be something like this. let's see :)
"My brothers and my sister eh. Na your guy 2baba. How una dey? Nfana ibagha for you o, nfana ibagha for me too o. I just want to share my new video with you, we be striving and fighting, but baba God be backing. If yawa dey, my brother we ready to fight am. Nothing do us. Nothing do you too. 'Be there' is here for you. Make una enjoy" LOL

A good weekend to everyone!


  1. The babe is cute.... but I dont undersatand the video.

  2. I like him ...but I do find some of his songs can be a bit 'watery'. However, I just love the way he comes across as likeable and humble. My kind of man/son/boy/crush...whatever

    Re: Tuface introducing his video LOL
    It would have to have his favourite phrase - 'Yes oh!' LOL

    Fine boy!

  3. Oh my tuface, I love him.
    Lol @ him introducing the video, it must also have his favourite "my people, nothing dey happen".

  4. Hmmmm,i think i like....nothing dey happen!

  5. my sweet 2 face,my very sweet 2 face,nothin dey happen.

  6. @9jafoodie, LOl they are in love, so they are bowling- basically trying to spend some time together. You know the typical Nollywood kinda 'in love' setting. Anyway, I don't know what the musicians are doing there. Playing for them as they bowl? Anyway, It's 2face's video, don't try to understand it too much LOL

    @N.I.L. Finally I found sth you like. And erm erm who would have known that N.I.L had a crush? hahaha

    Yea peeps, I totally forgot " Yes oh, nothing dey happen"
    How could I? LOL

  7. lol @ his intro. It's very typical of him. u forgot the 'yes oh, nothing dey happen' and 'no shaking' (lol @ monique's show)

    I've liked tuface's music from the first time i heard his first album. he's a cool guy too.

    Sometimes tho i'ld like to imagine him tush up a bit in his English without necessarily losing his style. nice song!

  8. The video is kinda okay, but I've always loved this song!!

  9. There isn't a dull moment on your blog, MsJB! love dis song!! xx

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. m for audio rather than videos. I personally love how much Mr. 2face has grown musically when compared to his contemporaries.
    Power to our boy 2face!!


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