Monday, 1 August 2011

Disclaimer: Re: Why do we get married + a Lil special

hahaha Ok I thought in my previous write up {Why do we get married?(Requested)} I even mentioned that I wasn't ready for marriage (Don't even know why I let that slip, but fact is, I did). Turns out that post looked more like an advert than the real purpose of it, which was meant to address the essence of marriage.

Since last week I've had this strange dude sending me messages about wanting to meet me, that he's found his wife because of the post I put up, he read it and he was so captivated and the plenty bla blas. No offence, but seriously you're not helping.
LOL! Is this how ludicrous this topic has become?

I already pointed out that I had my reservations about marriage and you think the best person that will make me throw all that in the wind is someone that just basically read about my weakness and decided to capitalize on it? Seriously, I didn't take it seriously until I received another "I read your post and would like to meet you" from another guy this morning. Hahaha mehn I don suffer. Seriously, I don't get it, I guess I'm missing something. Even though I read it again, I still couldn't figure out what, so perhaps this should do the job.
DISCLAIMER: Please if that post came across like I was advertising or something,  I would like to have you know that it was a huge misunderstanding on your part. Your brain just basically read what it wanted to, it wasn't me. Thank YOU!

Mehn I can't stop laughing oh! In times like this, I try to remind myself of all the fantastic reasons why I'm  keeping this blog :)

On a brighter note, I stumbled upon something for my 2face's fans. Sorry this video is a little late, I actually thought I had published it a couple of days ago, I scheduled it but blogger just had to be funny. Anyway since I happen to know one of his greatest fans, I just had to merge it into this one and share it. Erm N.I.L I hope you enjoy watching this one ;-) 

I feel so proud of him. 
He couldn't leave his signature "yes oh" and see we did leave out "no shaking" the last time. How did we do that? LOL

Finally, I want to wish everybody a  happy new month
I pray all your dreams do come true
Enjoy your August Lovelies!


  1. LOL @ ur disclaimer, you better open ur mind to possibilities, prince charming may jsut be riding across ur blog

    Monique needs to visit Somalia and other war ravaged countries to know what real poverty looks like! And Oga 2baba needs to increase his wordbank although he has improved a whole lot!

  2. lmaoooo,abeg oh,it can happen before you even think of it oh lol

  3. lol...aww they're feeling the girl!

    I agree with P.E.T 2face has gotten better but he can like to expand his vocabulary for international purposes.

  4. Your post made me laugh, guys eh?

  5. LOL @ P.E.T at wordbank..yes oh, no shaking..its 2 baba lol

    @ the guys are just admiring. Take it as one of those things.e no easy..atleast you have captured someone's heart *jk*

  6. LOL...sorry ehn..
    btw the interview was nice.. and liked when monique said "no shakey" lol

  7. lol @ the video. I'm glad monique caught up with the 'no shaking'.i like tubaba o but he needs to improve on his vocab seriously.

    as for your admirers, they just liked what they read on your blog and prob wanted to get to know the brains behind the post *wink*.lol.anyway, i'm sure they'll get the message now.

  8. The guys are just playing the hunting game. The read your statement and took it as a challenge to break you. Simple!!!

  9. @P.E.T projects, ayt I'll try to remember that prince Charming might just be here LOL
    About 2face, I also think he has really improved, at least he reduced the number of times he used the "you know" silence filler. That's progress :)
    @Gretel, Blessing, LOL I see you guys are with P.E.T projects on this.
    @Myne and Unveiling gold, Funny innit? LOL
    @Nikkisho, thanks :). I was really 'feeling' that part too.
    @Stelzz, You can't not like 2face. He's just very likeable {his stage presence of course, I can't talk about the ones I don't know o} :)
    ....I hope they do, I hate misconceptions.
    @Ilola, Break me? Now that's scary! Please o, I'm just trying to put my time and efforts into other aspects of my life right now and I'll be ready when I'm ready. It's not a challenge for anybody.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by! Have a fruitful month

  10. Hahaha!! Some guy wanted to marry you cause of your post? Guys can be so funny hehehe!!

    I think i got the gist of the post. No worries

    Muse Origins (Creative Nigerian Features)
    Muse Origins

  11. So u seem to have gotten yourself an admirer
    Hey you never know he may just be the one, I know someone who got married to someone after they commented on the lady's blog. :)

  12. that's really funny. guys (some guys) are so simple.

  13. Lol@Guys sending offline!!!But hey,i defend my guys,there's absolutely nothing wrong with trying their luck.I agree with P.E.T,you should free your mind,you just never ever know!Tehe!

    P.S.Still waiting for that smile.

  14. LOL
    How did I miss you?
    Abeg, nothing do my brotha!
    Na tuface baba. Yes oh! Yes oh!
    Re: his vocab.....abeg make dem leave my brotha. I like am like that
    Maybe next time, they should have an inetrpreter for him, and he should speak his 100% pidgin.
    TUFACE BABA OH!! Fine boy! Baby father to the highest!!
    mm mm mmm


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