Monday, 29 August 2011

Fashion fails

Been a while since I wrote sth as in write something for real around here. I know someone that is doing a happy dance now LOL. Sorry if you had any dull moments with my little recess :)
I was just trying to enjoy my summer hols at least before bracing myself for the stress of school and life in general again.

So lets see, erm today we're talking fashion. 

I am not an ardent lover of fashion and trends so you might understand a little bit if I always find some of these fashion big moves insanely wrong.Well, I do love to look good but I'd like to describe myself as stylish rather than fashionable. I like it when I look at my mirror and I feel impressed. Yes guys, I just said it, sorry to burst your bubble, every girl doesn't dress to impress you.
I personally do it to impress myself :P
Did you sense an undertone in the reaffirmation? Yes it is what it is! I just hate it when guys think that girls spend time to dress up just to get that approving nod from them. Wth? You think we don't have a life? It's not enough that you looked at the whole world that we all share and called it yours? Puhlease!
Erm erm anyway please (peoples) forget all these my tantrums, it's just me trying not to make some people's heads swell. However, I want to mention that it's important that you try to think about the people around you still when you dress up. I hate to admit it but yes, that's what I mean. Pity the poor boy now! It could be totally disheartening for some of them sometimes don't you think? #justsaying
Imagine that you want to take your girl out, and she comes out looking like a complete ghost. Sometimes, this thing called fashion doesn't even make sense to me talk more of a guy that has the least idea of what is going on. And then you wonder why he wants to attend his friend's party without you? He just cannot shout! Even me, I cannot not shout LOL
You might want to introduce him to something you think is nice, but it's easier if he thinks it's nice too. Don't pull it off  like a major bomb blast, be careful and play it simple.

Here's a little collection of my "things to be careful with".
Don't be scared, it's all fun. However, if there's something you need to take note of, kindly do that :)

# Foundation - Foundations are really nice. I love mine 'cause it gives me this nice glow and helps keep the makeup on my face a lot longer. Naturally, I have a smooth face so I skipped the 'makes my face look smooth' part but it does make it look a lot smoother. If you wear an optimal amount, it will look so perfect. Beware of flaking your face all up with it, it will make you look like you're all padded up on the face. I mean I'll even be scared to hug you cause I'll just feel like everything you have on your face will just be transfered to my clothing or something. Little tip: Get your perfect shade and always stick to little as opposed to much.

#Powder - Again this could enhance your beauty so much you'll be so amazed. The most important thing is to try to get your best shade. Refrain from trying to get a lighter shade perhaps because you think if you make your face lighter, it will look prettier. No it won't, it will only make you look like your wearing a mask that is different from the rest of your body. Little tip: Talk to a cosmetician, they should know what should work for you. I know most of them at these cosmetic shops are always very eager to help.

#Smoky eyes- It could be a nice look when applied perfectly but 2 things are involved with this look. First, you might think it's just about spreading a substantial amount of eyeshadow on your eyes whereas it's not. If you don't have your way around it, I'll suggest you refrain from it except it's halloween day, you can never go wrong if that's the case. Little tip: I suggest you allow a professional to do it, the difference can be clearly told apart, that is, if you are not sure you can handle it.
Secondly, you have to understand that it might not be the best look everytime. For instance It's perfect for a night look but turning up at your desk as a teacher with dark blue smoky eyes is completely outrageous. Take note!!!

#Lip colors - Stop amusing people for free, except you're getting paid for it. Please who even invented yellow lips, green lips and the rest of those outrageous lip tars? Yea my bad! They were made for special purposes. Again for modelling, videos and other entertainment purposes, totally perfect. For everyday use? Little tip: please visit a psychologist. I said psychologist but if you figured out that I could indirectly be implying that you try a psychiatrist, it won't be a bad idea either.

#Red lips - I love, love, love it. BUT for red lips,  just like the smoky eyes, there are 2 things involved too:
Be careful that it doesn't smear all around.(Border it out first with a lip liner)
Also, be sure that it fits your skin tone.
Little tip: If you are very dark, and you want to go bold with the red lips, you have to be very careful with choosing your colour. Generally, I will say a brighter shade is definitely not your look but that's not completely true, you have to put some effort into finding your perfect shade.

See the contrast?

#Eyeliners - Keep it simple! Seriously keep this one simple as much as you can. Forget about shaving everything all up and drawing some butterflies with some flashy colours, you'll only succeed in looking like you escaped from another planet. Little tip: Try to shape your own brows and utilize them as much as you can as opposed to shaving everything off. Stay away from deep black too. Choose something that looks natural e.g dark brown or a lighter shade of black, depending on your skin and hair colour.

#Blushes - In this case, the old long makeup rule, "Less is more" is really top notch. And don't forget to look for a colour that looks just a lil bit more than natural. Those very colourful cheeks will only suggest one thing and that is, "I could be a clown right now". Little tip: For darker skin tones, try bronzers in orange and brown shades instead of pink blushes, they definitely work better.

#Heels - They might look very beautiful and sophisticated but sincerely if you can't walk on them, then it's the complete opposite of everything you were trying to achieve. Look for some nice flats that can still give you that elegance while leaving you very comfortable. The best thing I like about heels is the way it makes you walk. It's as if it just gives you that added poise which for me I think is very important for every lady. Of course that can only happen if you are comfortable in them. Little tip: Try to walk in them around the house as much as you can until you think you've mastered your steps before heading out. Also when shopping, don't forget that being comfortable in them is just as important as them looking pretty.

To be continued...
Farrealz already putting it together, just didn't want a super long post, so check back soon for the concluding part :)

Meanwhile, you can leave your 'fashion fails' as comments too
I'm always very grateful to read your reviews :-)


  1. Good one, the red lips craze is definitely an interesting one.

  2. nice tips. i'm also not very fashion conscious in the sense that I like to look and feel good but not necessarily following every trend. Making up too is a once in a while thing for me except for the normal lipgloss/lipstick and eyeliner

  3. The red lips good good on some people sha, but your tips are on point. I don't use much make-up myself, too time consuming.

  4. I love love love blushes,I don,t even use foundation,my face is perfect,the blush is for colour but mehnn your tips are on point,some gurls actually scare me.
    Me,I am fashionable :D

  5. Thanks o, me sef , I have learnt here. I dress to make myself feel goo, not for guys. In all things, moderation is key

  6. @ LIP COLOURS, LMAO. well said Ms JB. less is more plus just like you rightly pointed out runway makeup is so, so different from everyday makeup ,why wont people understand this? beats me.

  7. When using makeup, i've come to realise that little is much... so i usually keep it real simple and it comes out looking just fine.

  8. Great tips you have here. As for me, I like foundation....but for some months now, I've stopped wearing it. Now, I just wear eyeshadow, mascara, and lip-gloss. I love my the routine now...and I appreciate that I can go without foundation.

    As for the red lip-gloss or lip-stick; I don't like using too much bright colors when it comes to make-up. But, I do admire those who are willing to try it.

  9. Kai I laff small oh... I've learned from this so will reduce my makeup though I love to apply foundation,powder,blush etc. I don't smoke my eyes at all,I don't do heels,still not so use to it lest I walk like a goat :D


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