Friday, 12 August 2011

My Video pick - Week 20

Hey Guys, It's been a minute, I know, I know
I see my hands steaming up a very hot write-up soon, somebody say an amen to that :)
Meanwhile, here is "Cry Baby" by Cee Lo Green
As always, EnjoY!

Hey Mr Green, this isn't nice. Making a sister cry is so not nice :)
And if someone is asking, yes I love the video. I loved the witty side of it and the dance, yea the dance ;)
And I'm going to try my hands on that fad by the ladies. Colorful-short-flare gowns, with socks and gloves hehehe not in this heat. But I really loved the colors, it made the video really beautiful too.
I hope you enjoyed it?

Have a great weekend peeps!


  1. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!Haven;t been much in tune with MTV,so its my 1st seeing the vid.But Luv Luvs Luvs!!!

  2. Oh no he didn't say that..."Like two trains going in seperate directions"...ha ha ha ...poor girl.
    The dance is cool and I like the 60s look, those hairstyles and frocks (which are in this summer in UK) :)

  3. I love love love Cee Lo Green

    He might not have the ideal poster boy look BUT I do find him tres sexy. *covering my face*

    Why? He just seems like the kind of guy you could go on a club-crawl with all night long! The kinda guy that will make you laugh a lot! My kind of guy *breathless sigh*

  4. PS - I mean the yummy chubby Cee Lo Green oh
    Not Urkel in the video :))))

  5. @Gospel girl, Hahaha yea the guy is just so mean.
    Let me guess, T.Notes, is that why you like it? But I'm glad you did tho :)
    @N.I.L you're funny. Seriously, I'm cracking out here. Of course I know, you mean the real Mr Green. He does have a very relaxing appeal even though I can't really describe him as sexy.
    But I'm glad you liked it.
    And that reminds me, you missed a 2face video that I dedicated to you. Check down, it's titled 'disclaimer....'. And I'm going to add Cee Lo Green to the list ;)

  6. @Ms JB
    Thanks for the 2face video (I always like the spelling Tuface - becos it sounds cool like my one of my fave hip hop groups, Wu Tang clan)
    I know, I know......i be agbaya - even my kids tell me so. LOL

    Re- the video:
    I dont know how I missed it.
    Thanks again. Yes oh!

  7. Ok I wasn't wrong when I said you're his #1 fan, some of us don't even remember to pay attention to the name. Sorry for that, I promise I won't miss it next time LOL! Mehn N.I.L, You're even more fun than I thought :)
    You're welcome!

  8. Cee Lo GreeN!!!!!!!!!!! He ROckS :)

  9. @Didi, *Side eye* for all the guys that like this song :P

  10. Lovely video. *sigh* the song happens in real life so, no worries :(

    Muse Origins Features
    Muse Origins

  11. love the ladies dresses i'll definitely going to get something like that for spring

  12. Miss Jane can u like to update ur blog please and i dint want a video pick oh :)

  13. @Muse origins, I know right? :(
    @Her Lioness, I hope you know that isn't Cee Lo Green there? :)
    @Uduak, Fall you mean? Yea with a slightly cold weather, the whole outfit would make absolute sense
    @Doyin, hahahaha but why are you such a trouble maker?


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