Thursday, 1 September 2011

Fashion fails contd

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#Hair - Can you keep it simple? Hell no you can't! Not when all your TV role models are getting wild with it.  How can you even be comfortable walking around the streets with your hair looking somewhat like this?

 When you haven't been diagnosed with psychosis yet? *Coughs*

Also, when your hair is too long, passing your bums and ish, people are only going to ask you if you forgot the directions to a salon. No, nobody wants to really see Rapunzel walking around the streets for real.You know the worst of it all? When you use weaves to create this look. LOL like are you kidding me? You just went to buy someone else's hair to form Rapunzel? Please!!!

# Clothes - Always try to find out what fits your body type most. If it flatters your figure, go for it. If it doesn't, then it's just not for you. Try other options, I'm sure you'll find one that will work eventually.

#Colour blocking -Now people, we know that colour blocking is the trend now, but you have to differentiate between colour blocking and colour clashing. When you blend yellow, lilac, red, green and turquoise or walk around like the missing fragment of a rainbow, what exactly is your aim? To stop over and perform at a circus or to just visit some place like a sane human? You have to ask yourself these sorta questions sometimes. It sure helps.

 I must not fail to point out that fashion is really taking a new toll from what is actually admirable to outright madness. Some outfits are supposed to add the splendor and excitement to music videos and the runway, please leave them there and don't try to bring them to the streets.

When you walk on the streets and people are staring, it doesn't necessarily mean that they think you're beautiful, it just means that you're out of this world. 'Out of this world' could mean a whole lot. When you dress up and people cannot use simple words like "good, beautiful, pretty, sweet"...etc as compliments, rather they find themselves startled and eventually try to spew out words like "hot, sexy, incredible, wonderful"...seriously don't fan yourself yet. It only means that you've managed to stun them, but better pray that it's in a good way. I've even told my friends not to use those 'sexy' and 'hot' terms for me, it's just plain confusing. How did those even end up as compliments? Please just break it down in clear terms 'good' and 'bad'.
Anyway, I'm just saying because a lot of people dress a big mess and continue to dwell in their ignorance just because they believe that  a lot of people were captivated and really complimented their dressing. Sweetheart, if you remember well can you really say that those were real straightforward compliments?
People will always try to be nice you know. Well, I always try to be :)

There's no point of all these if I cannot find a way to help you out. So let's see:
 - Use a mirror? sigh! You already did that but it didn't work. You only saw what you wanted to see, innit? Can be a little confusing hun, I understand!
- Ok ask a friend...You can't still be too sure of that, you know what they say about "birds of a feather..." She probably looks worse. I can guess that accurately.
- Ok how about you ask a stranger? Worse, I think! You might mistake their being nice as admiration.

Ok let me see, what's the easiest remedy for you?
Get off MTV and the likes darling, and look at how real people around you dress.

Now, that I'm sure did the magic
What do you think? :)

P.s. Happy new month everyone.
Let the final quarter of the year begin. Wow! I can't believe we're there already.
Have a good one lovelies!


  1. Happy new month, princess!

  2. Never knew about colour blocking, well never knew it was called that, uhmn.. the things I learn from blogs

    As I said before, in everything, modearation is key

  3. The colorful wigs tho...smh,i just can't
    Happy new month :)

  4. ‎​ℓ☺ℓ na wa ooooo which one bi Color blocking?
    Kai pls I no fit laff or comment ‎​ℓ☺ℓ

    Happy nu month (na so u funny ‎​ℓ☺ℓ )

  5. you need to visit seshe james blog about the VMA awards and see what Nicki wore,please let me know when you do,she was way too normal in this pix you put,just go see it,I love compliments and I love to be outta this world but yea in a good hot way :D.

  6. @Ilola & Enybees, It's basically about going bold with a combination of different flashy colors that could complement each other.
    @ Nikkisho, LOL! I know right
    @Gretel, I saw it already LOL
    I only used to worry about the designer that makes up these stuffs for them. You'll be so surprised how much those rags she wore cost!

    Thanks everyone. Have a fruitful month too :)

  7. LOL
    I almost missed these posts
    The way people follow 'stars/ celebrities' is amazing.
    I love fashion but I love my mirror more oh!
    Have a blessed weekend

  8. hahahahaha, "looking like a missing fragment of a rainbow" looool, oh my daizz, this is so funny and the picture of the lady, damn she's hooot in a bad way, lol.


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