Thursday, 22 September 2011

I weep!

Reading about this ABSU rape and the many opinions of several Nigerians on it just show that the educational level (whether they have the academic qualifications or not) is way below average.

Well, need I say that the problems we face in Nigeria are just basically cases of 'Problems by the people for the people'?
Think about it, we as a country we're lucky that we don't have natural disasters. We have abundant natural resources, yet we always top the news as helpless and needing help. Nigerians need more education, please the government and all those that matter, get Nigerian youths educated.
Ignorance is really taking a toll on us! That is why a person will get up one day and decide to bomb places when we should all know what's at stake. Or is it those that are in positions to make changes to their societies and decide to abuse the power instead? Or those embezzling money that could be used for great projects that would help Nigeria as a whole (and in turn rub off on them) just for their selfish reasons? Our problems are just plenty.
Think about how good education could help Nigerians really, the prospects are high! And again by education, I do not mean academic qualifications. I mean good schools that produce individuals that could defend the certificates they possess.
I'm just tired of reading about the lot that say that this isn't a rape case. This is just plain ignorance.
If you haven't heard about it yet, here's a link
What do you define as rape?
According to the webster's dictionary, (summarized by me)
"Rape is a seizing by violence; also a seizing and carrying away by force. The carnal knowledge of a woman forcibly and against her will"
Yes once the person says 'no' and you try to force yourself on him/her, it is rape.
The case of whether the girl in question is promiscuous or not is of no consequence in this matter.
Five guys forcing their way on her when she said no, is a clear case of gang rape and should be judged accordingly.
Yes, even a prostitute can be raped. Why is that?
The body and the brain works in unison. The brain sends messages to the body which the body understands and interprets. This is as simple as I want to put it. But really it's like a pathway that I don't want to bore you with. And this means that, the moment the brain says no, the body responds accordingly, as a result every move becomes very painful and violent, especially in the case of women. Guys can be raped too, but when it comes to bodily damage, the women are at a greater risk. But of course, we never look at only the bodily damage. We have psychological as well as sociological problems to deal with too.

The fact that a case as simple as this needed the attention of the social media bothers me a whole lot. It just shows that Nigeria is far away from being developed. Right now, we are classified as a developing country but really we shouldn't remain there forever. We should try to make conscious efforts to grow out of it with even the very little things we do, otherwise we might be down to underdeveloped sooner or later. The whole world is moving, nobody is going to wait for us. And for this categorization, it is based on the state of the global world compared to us.
That a simple case of rape cannot be accorded the justice that it requires, now that is so backward if you asked me.

Finally this is a call out.

A crime has been committed and the perpetrators need to be brought to book. No need for abuses and jungle justice, they just need to be taken to court and tried accordingly. I'm not sure why there has been no word(s) from the victim yet but If you have any information that can aid in this case, contact

P.s And for all the people that made derogatory comments, I pray you find a way out of your ignorance soon, and any lady that dared to open their mouths to say that it wasn't a rape case because the girl was enjoying it, I guess it will be fair if I said "May you be raped but may it be an enjoyable one".


  1. It is really a very sad situation and I wonder why some girls are just flapping their lips,it's like they envy the girl,my prayer is for the girl,God should make her that someone truly LOVES her

  2. I know I shouldn't have read this-cos it just gets me upset!

  3. really sad indeed, may God help us all.


  5. I pray the perpetrators of this dastardly act are found and made to face the law!

  6. tthhhannkkk youu, i saw all those comments and i was speechless. Seriously even a prostitute wouldn't allow five guys eat her up at the same time shooo na government work?
    I also think the chick involved is scared to come out

  7. very sad...this is an act of wickedness and i hope she gets


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