Friday, 2 September 2011

My Video pick - Week 23

I just couldn't wait to post this week's video. I was supposed to post it last week but I decided to pay tribute to Aaliyah instead. I've been playing this song the whole week. I love love love it! This song is just so beautiful in every sense of the word, the message in it is very endearing. I'm still trying to believe this really is Lil Wayne and not someone else :D

Here's the video for  "How to love" by Lil Wayne
As always, EnjoY!

And here's a lil bonus.
Sam Tsui made me appreciate this song even more

Tell me, wasn't that just beautiful?
I love both versions very much. I love the striking vocals in Sam's version and the subtlety of Lil Wayne's version. I hope you enjoyed them too :)

Have a lovely weekend lovelies!


  1. I have to confess that I cant stand Lil Wayne - He reminds me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings - the tattoos, the hair, the teeth....*sheesh*

    HOWEVER, I LOVE this song.

    A lesson for me to look beyond the packaging. So..........Lil Wayne, I apologise for dissing you - I gree this song!

  2. Hahaha N.I.L, I can understand.

  3. The first video for the song almost got me tearing up, couldn't believe it was Lil Wayne the first time I saw it. The second guy sure can sing though...

  4. Yea I don't know which message is deeper; the one in the song or the one in the video. I'm still trying to convince myself that it's really Lil Wayne. He did a very good job, I must say!

  5. First time seeing this video. Real nice one...

  6. I totally agree with NIL re: I prejudged Lil Wayne mostly based on his appearance. This song certainly has put him in a better light for me.

    It's beautiful! And I actually prefer his version to Sam's although Sam sings it so beautifully. Lil Wayne gets my vote on this one. Lol.

  7. Wow. I was almost in tears watching the first video. i don't really do lil wayne too (exception: the we are the world song for haiti which he sang with other artists)but this message was good. I'm an advocate for vocals so I absolutely love Sam's version BUT I think in terms of the way the message was relayed (i.e. tone,etc), lil wayne did it for me...nice

  8. So I came here cos I wanted to say thanks for taking time out to leave me kind words over at mine, and then I watched the videos.
    Beautiful song, strong message. Especially for parents. Now I'm asking myself if my children would learn how to love from me. May God give us all the grace we need to be role models.

    I've also judged Lil Wayne... This is me repenting....

  9. i love that song, this was the first time seeing the video! love it!

  10. i love this video, i mean i was totally shocked lil wayne could sing anything that made sense!

  11. I liked this track when I first heard it on Lady Ngo's page but now that I can relate to a video it makes sooo much sense.

    Cant make up my mind whose version I love best...
    Thanks for sharing


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