Friday, 9 September 2011

Video pick - week 24

It was my girl's birthday on Sunday, so I decided to dedicate today's post to her. Don't mind me, I was supposed to do this on Sunday but I was a little too occupied. Anyway, here it is, Belated birthday greetings, Mrs Beyonce Knowles-Carter 

I carefully selected this particular video because it is her most recent and most importantly, the comments are just hilarious or more like pathetic :)
Some say the video is fetish and the many other bla blas..
How does this suggest anything apart from the fact that someone put some creativity into making it?
It's called 'video effects/cinematography', Smh!
And for the extra sheen and glow on her skin, if you try baby oil with some glitters, it should work; if it doesn't, try falling into a tub filled with groundnut oil (the very concentrated and smelly one), I'm very certain that would work. People are just so funny at times.

Anyway here, video: 1+1 By Beyonce
As always, EnjoY!

Ok when I first heard about the 'illuminati' thing surrounding Roc Nation (especially Jay Z the main person in question here) to be sincere, I believed it. And that's based on the evidences at hand, the continuous suggestive lyrics by him, the eye of the horus symbol he kept throwing on stage and in his videos etc..
Seeing all these things as they added up made sense. But really for this Beyonce's video right here, I feel like it's totally unnecessary for people to start getting all paranoid. I mean when people start drawing all these unnecessary instances, it even questions the illuminati hullabaloo to start with.
Well, for me I don't take things hook line and sinker, I always need people to convince me to believe whatever they want me to and I will gladly and thankfully do so, until then, I 'll just say that was a beautiful performance by Beyonce as usual. And I'm not surprised that she is still one of my best female artists till date. Yes I love me some good ole Queen B :)

And a lil bonus :)
Stevie wonder singing 'Happy Birthday' to his son and Beyonce

Have a great weekend lovelies!


  1. I love this song by Bey but the video didn't do it for me sha.

  2. happy birthday to her. She deserves it!!

  3. People get mixed reactions when you do something new, so it's all good. Happy birthday to her :D I don't even know what to think about the illuminati thing, i'm taking it with a pinch of salt sha

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  4. truthfully, i believe all of the illuminati talk is true. i love Beyonce , but if she is going down that path, i feel sorry for her. happy belated birthday to your friend . xxx

  5. They are in free masons not illuminati,if you read Da vinci,you'll know the caliber of people in illuminati,presidents of countries,scientist etc,you don't just join,you kinda graduate into it,that said,whether they are in ogboni,kk or black bra,I dont care,I sing their song if its good,this one,song i good but video,no,B,you've grown nah,we don't want quality,it's the message we want.

  6. That song is just amazing! 1+1 :)


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