Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hello October + video pick week 27

I love October and I'll tell you why in a bit :)

It's not just about the fact that it's Nigeria's independence day but because it's the birth month of everyone in my immediate family. Really there's always so much fun in October.

2nd Oct - My father's birthday
9th Oct - My brother's birthday
11th October - My mother's birthday
19th October - My sister's birthday

And that's everybody. I'm the only one that came with a lil change cos that can be a lil boring ugh lol (trying to console myself) oh no I think it's better to say 'cos I'm just unique like that' :)
Anyway, I miss them so much right now esp my sister. I wish I could be around to celebrate her day with her. I just realized that I'm never around. I pray we get to spend the next one together and I pray that God will continue to grant them long life and good health. I just want an opportunity to makeup for all the years I've stayed away. I remember when they all gathered around to bid me goodbye the last time I visited, and my sister was crying like I'd be gone forever. That's the most I can remember of us these days "hellos and goodbyes". I'm getting emotional, I need to stop.

And I've got 'my video pick' for you, Nneka's new video for her song "my home".
I decided to choose this video because it is Nigeria's independence day and it is dedicated to all Nigerians and all those marking this day with us.

Here - Like always, EnjoY!

I like Nneka; her voice, her music but I really think she needs to work more on her videos. Sometimes I don't even get the idea at all.
Anyways, I hope you found a reason to like it, (you know we all see things differently) 'cos this one is not for me but for you :)

Happy independence day to all Nigerians, and to everyone, happy new month.
Have a peaceful one lovelies!


  1. OMG, I just typed an epistle comment and then I lost it!!!*crying*...mchew..

  2. You guys will be spending loads of money in October in your family o

  3. wow..october family brother is one too.Happy new month :)

  4. awww. I can imagine how much you miss your family. october is a fun month for you guys then. wow.

    Anyway happy new month to you too

  5. Awww, that's so sweet re: your family all born in October. Never mind that yours isn't, you're unique as you said.
    Yeah, I like the song but I just don't get the video.
    Hope you had an enjoyable Independence weekend. :0)

  6. Hmmm, you've just planted a seed i my and future hubby will be getting pregnant in a particular month so all the kids will be born in a particular month :).

    And one birthday party will suffice for everyone.

    do have a lovely month ahead!

  7. special you, happy October babes

  8. Yay!! My son and your mum share the same birth date.

  9. @HoneyDame, Aww sowwiee :)
    @Ilola, LOl
    @Nikkisho, Thanks. These days I feel like every family has one. I meet a lot of October people everytime :)
    @Stelzz, Thanks
    @Ms.Buki,Thank you. Exactly my seniments, the video is almost clueless. Yes I did, thanks :)
    @Ginger, LOL I don't think my family's was planned, but it's not a bad idea you know, I should try my hands on this maths too :)
    Meanwhile, I can't link your blog through your profile, can you send me a link if you have one? I would like to visit
    @Uduak, Thanks dear
    @Okeoghene, Aww that's so nice. Tell him someone, somewhere will be popping a bottle for him then :)


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