Friday, 7 October 2011

My video pick - Week 28

I just love this song
Video: Fly by Nicki Minaj featuring Rihanna
As always, EnjoY

Have a lovely weekend lovelies :)


  1. i love, love this song too! so motivational. i like also her bad ass moves.

  2. No matter how I try to "not like" Rihanna, it can't work mehn. I love her. And those Nikki's move, MsJB can you teach me?

  3. Heyy gave you an award on my blog, go get it!! :)

  4. @Uduak, you can say that again
    @CoyIntovert, Sure will! Thanks so much for the award.
    Which of the 'Nikki's moves'? The karate part? You'll need to look for Jet Li or Jackie Chan o LOL

  5. just passed u an award on my blog...cheers

  6. Nikki always reminds me of my Edo sisters who speak Pidgin really fast...LOL
    Anyway...two hot girls together......always a good thing!!
    Have a good weekend


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