Friday, 14 October 2011

My Video pick - Week 29

Happy Birthday Usher!!!
Please show some love to the ultra stunning Usher today, he deserves it :)

Meanwhile, guess what I have for my video pick today?
It's ma men of course (In justin Bieber's voice)
David Guetta just premiered the video for the hit song "without you" where he did a collaboration with Usher
As always, EnjoY!

Usher killed, killed it with those high notes.
Sigh! Ma men :)
Just incase you didn't know, I grew up loving Usher's music and style and I'm not sure that love will end soon. He's still one of my bestest

Have a lovely weekend lovelies!


  1. lol in Beiber's voice.Dont tell me you caught the Beiber fever..

  2. Erm Happy Birthday Usher!!! MsJB!! :D please show up on Twitter ASAP.

  3. LOVE this song!!!!thanks for sharing the video.

  4. i really like the song and video!

  5. I love the song, and mehn Usher is too good looking. God when giving me a son have Usher in mind Amen! Lol!

  6. @Unveiling gold, LOL No! "Yea men" just sounds better in his voice :)

    @Didi, Please what's with the summon? hmmm!!

    Glad you enjoyed it, Uduak, Nikkisho and Coy introvert.
    Coy introvert, LOL! please don't break my ribs!

  7. I remember the days before CONFESSION.... Usher was the real deal!


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