Monday, 17 October 2011

This sex thing!!!

Nude photos, sex tapes, wardrobe malfunctions, now that's the order of the day!
Damn people put your clothes on! Or are we back to the primitive days? Just seems like this civilization of a thing is just going in circles, like we're almost headed back to where we started from.
What happened to everybody tho?

Please enough with the misconceptions already; you're not fooling everybody!

Sex = love
Sex = fun
Sex = cool

Sex is so dog gone overrated that it's becoming very alarming. I don't know if a lot of people have failed to notice this but you know me, it's not easy to pretend to stay oblivious to silly vices. I'll say it, so at least it'll make a way to your consciousness that we always have a choice.

It eludes me why everything must have some form of sexuality in it these days. I don't understand if most marketers are trying to sell it to our brains or they think they are just trying to fill up a vacuum that  already exists.
 Do we really need all these?
They say "sex sells best" but my question is "how did we get here?"
If you're trying to sell something and normally you think it would be average, someone would readily suggest that you try adding a naked woman somewhere and it'll be first place. Jeez!
I saw a picture of a semi naked model one time, guess what she was selling? I thought the site was for women's lingerie, I was dazed when I clicked and realized it was men's shoes.

I cannot help but talk about this Angela Simmon's picture.

Click here IF YOU WANT to see more pics Be warned! It's appalling, especially if you bear in mind the purpose of it.
It's supposed to be for a cause. Simply to encourage people to adopt the vegetarian lifestyle and stay off meat. How did this require a naked woman? The question should be 'how did someone even conceive the idea of using a naked woman?'
How does it even co-relate?

I don't know if you've heard yet,  but rumor has it that the sex tape of late Tupac Shakur was supposed to be hitting the world soon. 15 years after he's gone? This is disheartening! Thank God for a sensible woman. The mother promised fire and brimstone if she saw any trace of it.
15 years ago, deeds like these were shameful and not many reputable people appreciated it, but these days, that's the trend. And that's my only logical reason for somebody sensing the need to release it to the world now. I mean almost every celebrity has a sex tape or at least a nude picture out in the world. Name them I mean it spiralled Kim Kardashian's breakthrough not to mention Paris Hilton and Amber Rose.
Imagine that on the day of Kim's "supposed royal wedding", her sex tape topped the sales. Now what's so royal about that? Beats my imagination! I don't know why people always prefer to celebrate rubbish.

And most celebs have learnt the word already, when it seems like you're not getting the required attention, try your hands on some wardrobe malfunction and make sure some very vital parts are showing or send some naked pictures of you and pretend someone stole it or best of all, get your sex tape out.  Why is everybody looking for publicity at all cost that they don't even care whether it's bad publicity or not?
As a matter of fact, these days they are trying to prove that bad publicity sells better than good publicity.
Even non-celebs have joined the bandwagon. They just believe people need to know how they look without their clothes to get to know them well.

I'm afraid for the next generation, very soon it will be something like:
Do you have a phone number?
Do you have an email?
Do you have a nude picture?
How about a sex tape?

This is madness, God please, I want to be sane forever. I really want to be!


  1. Where's the aim of showing naked people in advertise? I'm already worrying when I think about the fact that my childs will live in a such world, the situation is getting worst!!
    I don't know what Rihanna wants to prove by her acts, so now we say that she's the sexiest woman in the world, that's what she has accomplished in the world? Seriously in what world are we living? The gap between "being sexy" and "being vulgar" becomes more and more minimal.
    I really love her music but she's doing much more than she should!!

  2. hmmm, my dear, even toothpaste o! tooth paste!!! it is getting worse o.this Simmon girl is an attention *whore*(permit me to use d word) she will do anything for small publicity!God help them.

  3. It is a very sad state of affairs. Things that would shock back just 10-15 years ago now have no affect. Society has become so numb to decency, they go for the shock factor. The media is to blame. It's all so disgusting. Very sad indeed. God help us.

  4. unnecessary nudity is you ask me

  5. unnecessary nudity, if you ask me

  6. I've come to realise that no matter how much we preacch against it, its only going downhill from here, the world is perverted and you can only struggle to stay sane through it all!

  7. Honestly don't be surprised that it will end as you said, God forbid. I really pity the younger ones, it's just so crazy. A naija musician had her naked pictures leaked too, I was wondering if it was PR. Na wa o...

  8. Seriously, unnecessary nudity! What's the reason behind all these nonsense? Like, woww!!! And to think that Angela Simmons's father is a preacher! Lol. That makes me laugh. Shouldn't she be setting a better example for her younger ones. Well, I guess her father being a preacher doesn't make her any better...

  9. Funny, i think it is way beyond sex now. Nudity, photoshopping, the myth of the perfect body, diet, cosmetic surgery..The perfect human body. its a huge business spin off.

  10. This generation and the ones coming after (If Jesus doesnt come before then), need Jesus!

  11. Sex sells

    Images of nude women have always excited people and sold products.

    In 19th century, Impressionist painters like Renoir painted lots of nudes. I recall when Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Healing' came out. My dad said the world had gone bonkers........So nothing new

    The only difference now is that the internet has made everything so accessible.

    My opinion is that there is nothing new under the sun. As long as men and women have sex, it will continue to be used to attract attention.

  12. Its really sad but how come it sells...the world need

  13. Sombebody sounds Pissed. What we see today is the result of the so called FREEDOM or "FREE DOOM" which we decided to embrace sometime ago...just brace yourself coz this my dear is just the genesis.....

  14. Thanks everyone for taking the time out to respond to this.
    I'm really grateful for all your inputs.

  15. thank you for blogging about this jare, me i dont get it at all, when i saw this angela simmons' ad i was like warrahell like did she really have to be nude like really c'mon what does food hv to do with nudity?? and then rihanna came with her own sexiest woman in the world smdh....all i know is u must hav some kind of slight mental imbalance for u to be so damn comfortable to be 'nekid' all the damn time for the whole world to see, gurl please have some dignity!!! even adam and even that were made for each other and were man and wife(married) were ashamed of being 'nekid' in front of each other talkless of a bunch of u dont know watching u 'nekid' and taking photos of u......abeg i cant continue jare

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  17. so this article is not recent, but I enjoyed reading it.


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