Monday, 24 October 2011

Whatsup y'all :)

First and foremost, let me say that this post was scheduled. But I'll be back in no time to respond to all your lovely comments. Y'all make my day anyday, anytime.
Have I mentioned how great you are lately? *.*

*Now trying to take a seat*  LOL

This was at my church yesterday 

So today I'm just going to be talking. I don't do this is a lot, but let's give it a shot 'cause that's just the way I  feel.
How is everyone? How was your weekend?

A little about mine and my week.
I had to do these medical examinations for school. This semester we have to deal with kids so we had to do a series of tests, more than the ones we usually do, that is.
Boy! Tres enervating! Especially since the hospitals/labs for almost all the tests just had to be situated in different parts of the city (like completely opposite worlds apart). I had to travel from one part to the other and I still don't understand why it so happened that they couldn't just be close to each other. One of them, I still strongly want to refer to it as the outskirts abeg!  For the first time in my life I had to spend 50mins straight in a bus for a journey within the city and another 50 back. I looked for how to navigate some of the routes but really, that was the easiest way to it. It's good though 'cause I got to view a different part of the city.

Talking about the tests. I think it's not enough sef, they can like to look for more tests. I mean how can our lives be easy without them? Jeez! Hep B, HIV, Lues serology test, dermatology, blood pressure, xray imaging, throat culture, fecal culture, overall health staus.. Na wah! That is all my body o. They had to check what's even inside my stomach before I can start my clinical practice?! LOL

The fecal culture test wasn't funny at all. Guess what? It was the one I had to make the 50 mins bus time for. Imagine carrying my stool on me for 1hr sigh!

Another funny one was the Lues serology test, the lady kept hearing "HIV".
Me:  Ma'am, I know for some reasons, you think it just had to be HIV, but I'm here for Lues serology, do you mind? *Insert straight face here*
(It just had to be HIV, abi with my skin colour, what else would it be? hiss!)
I'm so happy I won't have to do any of these tests again. Hopefully! Not funny at all.
I  heard we'll have more tests during the practice tho, but I think if you could meet these ones, I think that one shouldn't be a problem. I guess it'll be more like physical examinations of some sort. I'm just wondering what would happen if someone was positive for any of the tests. Drop out or what?  After how many years of studies? 'cause these practices are very important for us.
Anyway, I'm so happy I was able to finish everything, I met all the requirements and can start my practices soon. I might be updating you guys on that one too. It's always an experience.

Ok and I must tell you about this other experience. I went to this restaurant with a friend and he's very enthusiastic about food, so I just felt like I could really bank on his suggestions.
Boy, when the food came, I saw something that was shaped like a nice flower. It was really beautiful.  I took a bite and then some more, and just afterwards it came like a real light bulb moment, "that's an octopus right?"
And he answers very calmly "yea"
"No! I'm not supposed to be eating an octopus" hahahaha
Anyway, one more feather to my cap, what can I say? At least I've eaten an octopus.*fanning myself*
Next stop, a frog or maybe a snake :P

LOL I'm not sure I can try it again though. I won't forget the feeling I had when I got back. I had to immediately start 'googling' the pictures to familiarize myself with the real image again.


Smh! Yea you guessed right! It was not a totally pleasant feeling tho :)

Finally, It's been raining heavily here. I'm not in my best moments, somebody remember to say something nice ok? LOL just kidding, don't mind me, it's not that serious.

It felt so good coming around to talk like this. I'll sure do it again.
Don't forget to tell me how you like these sort of posts tho ;)

Have a great week everyone


  1. heyyyyy!!! i see you! lovely, lovely! sorry about them test, i know how frustrating they can get. please talk some more :). Don't mind the rain jor , it can be *very like that* gloomy and all.

  2. Awww, you look lovely! Those tests sound serious! Kai! Glad for you it's all over.

  3. Ewww Octo kini? i bet it didnt look like on the plate ey..

    Test test test aka protecting the public from anything..being nosey here, if i may ask what are you studying?
    Neways take it easy jare atleast its done now you can focus on the most important aspect..
    have a wonderful week :)

  4. wonder what was up with the comment thingi earlier. So Jane u left ur house on sunday, u weren't afraid of skin heads *thumbs up* lol @ the lues serology lady, she must be very silly though what rubbish?? for the rain stay indoors and enjoy it lav.

  5. LOL at eating Octopus, that should be a unique experience.

    Enjoy the weather, the winter outfit looks great on you! As for the test, shey you're done with them now, all the best with the practice.

  6. You look lovely :-)
    Thank God you are done with the test...Goodluck with clinical practice.
    nyama...octopus?? no thank

  7. @Uduak, Thanks dear x

    @Ms.Buki, Thanks. I'm glad it is

    @Unveiling gold, it actually looked very attractive that I forgot to think about what it could be :)
    Studying physiotherapy.
    Thanks! Hope you have a good one too

    @Doyin, afraid ke? please no time for them jor
    I can't stay indoors o, I'm a very busy lady, you know ;)

    @Myne Whitman, It's indeed an experience. What can I say? LOL
    Thank you :)

    @Nikkisho, Thanks a lot dear.
    "Nyama" that's my attempt at verbalizing the feeling of disgust in Igbo language, but I guess I missed it LOL

  8. never tried octopus but i heard it tastes like fried yam.

    wow, you must have had quite a day. pele o.

    nice pic btw n just try n enjoy the weather :-)

  9. LMAO...that is the only way I would eat an octopus too...I feel like I havent been daring enough with the food here..
    My next stop is an octopus cafeteria...*shudders*
    As per the tests, I HATE taking those physicals...get up, jump down, touch your ear...what am I? a 15month old?
    Speaking of which, I better get myself to the Doctor's for a check up. I havent had one in years....

    Watching this space for updates o

  10. na wa for these tests oh, which you best of luck in your practice. My dear the cold is killing me already. You look really lovely, it's funny how you look like someone I know and she's in London...

  11. Somebody had Octopus!!! Eww much! lol *Now dodging slippers* As for the test issue,all i can say is welcome to the club. Love the church outfit ;-) Erm please what about the Video thingy we talked about?? :P lastly,i passed an award to you. plz see my Blog. Signed. the greek god.

  12. MsJB!!! now i can confirm my curiousity. you are in the medical field and that explains it!....for details hit me up on twitter..

  13. Hey! How'd you know it was an octopus? *gulp*

    Muse Origins

  14. @Stelzz, Not sure if I can quite describe the taste though, but it tasted really nice or maybe it was just the sauce over it :)
    Thanks dear

    @Chic therapy, Thanks :)

    @HoneyDame LOL
    Sure :)

    @CoyIntrovert, Aww thanks. Oh really?

    @Didi, Don't know what you're talking about. Thanks for the award
    Greek God? SMH!

    @Adiya, I tried to make out the shape and then it dawned on me :)

  15. I've tried some weird food in my life knowingly and unknowingly: Squid, Octopus, Alligator, Monkey... real nice. wont try snake and frog though..

  16. *looks @ Ginger suspiciously, looks away, looks again**.....Alligator? Monkey?!
    Ha! No wonder you have sexy legs! Hian!

  17. Alligators and monkeys? Weird indeed! LOL
    I've had squid(calamari)too :)

  18. Octo-what?? *puking*
    Congrats on your tests, though. I've heard a lot 'bout them. They don't sound nice at all and I've got one coming up next month!!...
    Lovely blog, btw.

    Mine'z at


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