Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Versatile blogger award

Finally brought myself to fulfill this particular tag. It's been like forever.
The awards just keep rolling in. This time it's the versatile blogger award from Priscy, Dammy Jewel, Coy Introvert, Ms.Buki and Didi. I hope I didn't miss anybody tho.

Again you know the drill, a little task that has got nothing on me :)

1. Write seven things about you
2. Give the award to 15 recently discovered blogs.

7 things about me:
1. I'm the first daughter. So sometimes I do have that first daughter aura. You know, always trying to think and act like you're not just responsible for yourself alone.

2. I laugh a lot, but at the same time, very simple things can move me to tears. Yes I hate to admit it, but I am very emotional :)

3. I love small things; cars, gadgets, phones everything. I always seem to look for the mini size of everything :)

4. I'm very analytical. And this I mean with life in general. Most times it's such a big struggle not to just sit down and plan and understand my every move before making them. Kinda sucks sometimes!

5. I hate having to raise my voice, even when I have to sing. I always try to run away from anything that will make me have to take my voice high. It's just very discomforting. But yea, life is not that easy :)

6.  I love to cook (esp when that cooking involves trying something new) .

7. Cooking may be one of my hobbies, but I'm sure I can't say the same for eating :) I hate it when I'm full, it's just very inconveniencing. So basically I'd say I like to cook a lot but I don't like to eat a lot. I didn't say I have an eating disorder, I said 'don't like to eat a lot'. It's very different! I don't want any misconceptions :)

I'm sorry but I'll have to skip the tagging part. I haven't spent time to discover a lot of new blogs lately.
Actually this task just prompted me to go out and discover some new blogs.
That will be a project this month :)
Thanks once again Priscy, Ms Buki, Dammy Jewel, Coyintrovert and Didi, I really appreciate this.

Happy new month everyone!
Have a lovely November!


  1. Its okay to be emotional, it shows you have a heart....chizys-spyware.blogspot.com

  2. Nice to know more about you, I was smiling as I read...

  3. Happy new month..keep cooking :)

  4. @Chizy k, everybody does, don't they? :)

    @Myne, Awww! My pleasure :)

    @Unveiling gold, Thanks dear
    LOL ;)

  5. Smiling at #2. Can I borrow you for #7?

    Have a blessed November!

  6. #4 is one of my could-be-a strong-point-or-a-weakness. People don't understand when I am trying to plan ahead of things. I have not planning enough to the best of my abilities...
    And like Ginger, can I borrow you for number 7?

  7. i feel u on number 6. i like the idea of food more than food itself..lol

    good to know some things about u :)

  8. Nice reading about you.
    #6, i feel you. I get all xcited wen i c food but food bores me easily :-(

    nice reading about u. First time here and following. You can check my blog out sometime http://toinlicious.blogspot.com

  9. congratulations! i enjoyed reading about you :)))

  10. ms jane so u r very emotional......now my next mission is to make you cry :P .......btw you forgot smthg about urself, u r very kind ;)

  11. LOL Ginger and Honeydame

    @Toinlicious, exactly! Sometimes the look alone is just enough :)
    Thanks! Sure will

    @Doyin, hahaha Have you forgotten how you make me say "leave me a lone repeatedly"?, that would have been me crying so don't worry I'll pass LOL
    Aww blushing much ;)

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate your time

  12. small things like cars,i feel you mami..erm you look for the mini of everything..hmm i see lol and yes i know how its like when MsJB is full :P U welcome dear :)

  13. The first daughter aura ... LOL! I can so relate.

    Ahhh! So you're also analytical? Yes, that sucks especially when you have to take impromptu decisions.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, again.

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