Friday, 30 December 2011

Video pick 40 + an important notice

Hey y'all
Unfortunately this will be the last 'video pick' till further notice. It was fun and I enjoyed sharing them.  I hope you enjoyed them too?
For all those that had indulged in it, I'm very sorry for any inconveniences. You can start from 1 again, you know :)
My life is becoming very busy these days (and it'll be even more very soon) that I can almost foresee me not being able to keep up with it on a regular basis.
Thanks everyone for the understanding!

And trust me to leave you with something that will be worth the while
Video: Everybody should wear sunscreen by Baz Luhrmann
Like always, EnjoY!

I stumbled on this when I was searching for something on wikipedia one time. And I have replayed the life out of it ever since. I always listen very carefully and even try to read in between the lines.
I'm sure you'll need to remember a lot of these for a great 2012 :)

Have a lovely weekend lovelies
And that's it for 2011, catch you all in 2012!


  1. I remember seeing this on myne's blog some months back and i added it to my favorites on YT.i really like it.
    Happy 2012 ms JB!

  2. thanks for understanding? who told you i have? lol okay okay..i have..go easy. Happy New Year in Advance.

  3. I'll definitely miss the videos, and this is an awesome one to be signing off with. Have a lovely New year.

  4. So far you are not going off blogger, I am cool.

    Have a blessed year of 2012

  5. Wow! this has got to be the best video I've watched this year. Very philosophical and some food for thoughts.

    My best line was, ‘the race is long and in the end, its only with yourself’

    Thanks for sharing and wishing you a splendid new year ahead :)

  6. @Nikkisho,Yea it's a favourite for me too
    Thanks dear!
    Best wishes too

    @Didi, LOL you eh
    Yes dear see you in 2012 :)

    @Myne, Aww thanks!
    Wish you the same

    @Ilola, Lol no I'm not :)
    Thank you! Best wishes for 2012 too

    @Naija4life, Aww glad you liked it
    A very good one to you too

  7. Totally understand
    Hope all is well with you?
    I wish you a blessed 2012

  8. Thank you N.I.L
    Yes I'm doing great, thanks!
    Wish you a great one too!


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