Thursday, 1 December 2011

See your paradise

It doesn't take a lot to be happy! Eventhough some people might like to disagree because they believe happiness is not easily accessible these days but I simply believe it's just about our mindset. You either choose to be happy by seeing the positive things in your life or let all the negativity weigh you down.
The paradise that you seek for dwells right within your mind, it only takes you to be able to see it.
You are the one restricting yourself from happiness. If only you could look around, you'll see that you have a lot, enough to inspire a lot of happiness but you have chosen to withhold yourself from it. You might think that you need to live in a mansion to be happy but actually it takes very simple things and not the most complicated of them at all. Some of you might even think that it's almost the end of the year and your long list of goals is still staring at you. Some of us have made a long list for the perfect Christmas which we just believe it'll never be perfect without them.

I have been telling myself this for a while and it even affects most parts of my life (even my fashion sense)
I always tell myself that I do not need the most expensive items to feel beautiful. Once I look in  my mirror and I feel satisfied, then I do not really need to impress any other person. First and foremost, I don't care about labels. And that's because I just understand that it doesn't have to be a 'big name' to look good.
I do love looking good, infact, I shouldn't be caught not looking good :) but until I can afford them, there's really no need trying to act like it's convenient. Like sacrificing a big part of your life just to buy a fashion item when there are so many other options that suit you perfectly.
If I keep playing my cards well, someday, I'll definitely afford to buy every single one of them that I may so desire. One of the strategies is to not bother about the things that I cannot afford today, so that I do not sacrifice everything in a bit to try to outlive today at the detriment of my tomorrow. Simples huh? Yea very! One thing that people do not understand is that there's always something that fits where you belong right now. Or don't you see celebs that still come out looking like 'who let you out?'even with all those designer labels?

When you starve and starve just to pick up a certain fashion item, simply ask yourself why you have to do it. You saw a pair of Louboutin shoes by that you think is quite beautiful but you also know for sure that it's off your limits, it's not your fault, you just cannot afford it and that's who you are for now. Maybe if you try Zara, you can buy one conveniently, and for some, Zara might still be too much, simples then try primark, If that is still not working, search until you locate where you can be at ease and I know you'll definitely find something at the end of the day.  What I'm trying to say is, when you can buy a pair of shoes at H&M conveniently, just remember that there's someone that would still see that as very inconvenient. And you know what I'll tell that person? I'll say don't push it, just find your comfort zone. Listen it's not about limiting yourself, it's about understanding who you are.
E.g for me, I like to shop when my favourite shops do their sales and you know for some people that means absolutely nothing. It's just a question of 2 different people. I can't help, it matters to me and you know why it does? Because I'm not just that rich for it not to matter. I'm just trying to break this down with my life so you can understand what I mean exactly.  Right now, I like to tell myself where I belong so that I can learn how to grow out of there. Faking it doesn't help at all, it creates an illusion that limits you.

Everything that is a problem for you today is just because you've decided that it should be. It's all about our preferences. You have to choose between faking it forever or living your life just the way it is today and not having to worry about these kind of things forever. Well, we all have problems, it is inevitable for us to meet challenges, but every time you stress yourself out on any of them, just be sure that it is worth the stress, the energy and the attention.
Stop wasting your resources on things that are not relevant in your life right now. Channel your energy to something more productive, you might think the little you have isn't a lot but you're just mistaken.
Choose your priorities right and equate your time, energy and resources on them appropriately.

I just felt like somebody needed to hear this.
It's the last month in 2011 already. Start being thankful for all the blessings already and stop concentrating on things that create a big for over them.

Have a wonderful December lovelies


  1. Well written Ms. JB There is nothing like being content and thankful.

  2. word girl! i just was thinking about the same thing , i decided to stop worrying and handle what i can. All "good things" will come!

  3. very very well written, a word is enough for the wise, and wise i am.....LOL

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  5. Being happy lies in your heart. Material things can only satisfy ones happiness for a short while. After some time has passed, you'll be craving something more than what you already have. So, be happy with what you have now and not what you would like to have in the future. The fact that you're alive and have people around you that love you should make you happy!

  6. @Okeoghene, Thanks. You're right, it makes everything appreciate.

    @Uduak, yes dear, everything good will come xo

    @Doyin, LOL
    Thanks dear

    @Sweetly Broken, Well said, but I don't quite agree with the "and not what you'd like to have in future.." bit. I don't think it's wrong to set goals for yourself and try to visualize what you'd want, however, it's bad when you are engrossed in them that you become oblivious to what you already have.

    Anyway, I guess it's a case of not understanding you well, perhaps I misread your point.

    Thanks everyone for taking the time out to visit. I wish you all a very fulfilling month.

  7. Yope.... we have to remember to appreciate the little things and make the conscious decision to be happy. well written dear.

  8. nice post dear, totally agree with you!!

  9. One faithfully content and happy being checking in.

    You nailed it. Life is too short to define your life by labels. Half the world is suffering and wishing they had what most people take for granted. I would not even take a single breath for granted.

  10. My Dad says that a lot "put your energy into something productive"
    There's no better way to say this. How come u don't write a lot. Your posts are always really good.

  11. Thanks a lot @9jafoodie and Eyes of truth
    @Toinlicious, Most def. We should never!
    @Coy-Introvert, aww thanks. I try to :) Your dad is very right. I feel like every parent says this :)

  12. Wow, its not about "Limiting yourself but about Understading who you are"... now those are true words. However some times wealth seems to bring relevance so me gan i dey form wetin i no be.. nawa oh! GOD go help us...

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