Monday, 19 December 2011

Still up and about

Ever wondered how the name 'studying' came to be? Let me give you an insight, "students dying"
Jeez! but I shall not die Amen LOL
Mehn so you see the reason why am here (thanks to me I have a blog)  is because ermm I'm here to just vent.

Why on earth would teachers still be teaching us during the exams period? I have exams every second day and while I'm still trying to see how I can roast off in the library and get every pile up of work sorted out, some teachers are still looking for a way to add more to that in the name of makeup classes.
'Dear teacher, if for some reasons you couldn't finish your course material in the course of the semester please keep it, we don't really need to know everything LOL. Or maybe you can teach it as long as it's not coming out in the exams.' For where? The reason they are trying to organize the class we already know is because they are already done with setting the questions and they think it's only fair if they give us the lectures.

So if you don't see me around so much, don't worry I'll be back soon. It was like this, I have hospital practice in the morning, classes in the afternoon and exams somewhere in between, then cooling off a bit and preparing for the next exams at night and waking up very early to run to the hospital to begin the next day. #Sigh
Anyway, let me not complain too much, it's because I took the first exams dates so I kinda have a choice.
But mehn taking the first dates was just the way forward. Imagine even with the fact that we barely have spaces in between each exam, we were looking for where to fix about 2 of them, we almost had one on Christmas day for lack of quality time LOL
Anyway, all that will be history soon. It's a sacrifice I have to make just because I do not want to mess with my Christmas vacation (singing..everything is gonna be alright)
At least I'm done with hospital practice now so it's just exams, exams. I can't wait to get that out of the way soonest.

And I promised to talk about my clinical practice.   For those of you that were asking for it, it's boring o, well since you asked here's a little run down of some of the interesting parts.  :)

Smiling at the children's hopital :)

First we had to visit a neurology hospital. For 2 weeks it was lectures and practice on neurology cases. Apart from having to wake up very early in the morning, I enjoyed that the most. The experience and knowledge I gathered there in just 2 weeks was really worthwhile. The only part I don't like is that I have to recount that wealth of knowledge soonest. And to think that the teacher said we won't have exams on that part this semester and I was busy saving it until my holidays before I carefully dissect it bit by bit, only for the school to send us a memo last week that we should check and sign up for the exams. An added exams (and a big course for that matter) wasn't the best news.

After that hospital, we went to a pediatrics hospital with neurology and orthopedics cases. Mehn I don't want to say anything but I already know where I will not venture to specialize lol
Omg that place seemed like a nursery rather than a hospital. Did I go through all these stress in school to go and practice singing ABCs for babies and to teach them how to maximize the use of their toys? It's like they conspired or something, when one of them started crying, it didn't take long before all of them joined. Seriously, even when I was done and gone, I still felt them ringing in my ears for a while. I don't know how those workers survived not having headaches every split second lol
But the good part was the cuties we got to see everyday :) There was this one that used to smile at me everytime I winked at her. She's like the cutest child ever. She never cried, she just looked at the other kids when they cried like she was terribly shocked. She made me miss that place :)
They are just in a world of their own :) Very fascinating!
And oh, the second great bit about that part was that we got to finish early there. It was amazing because prior to that very week, I had lost my afternoons. I left my house early and returned late. It was nothing except hectic days, so that was a great recess.

And after that we went to another hospital which also had a lot of patients with conditions relating to neurology. This one however was more for chronic cases. So for the most part we had a lot of  neurology practice which was quite exciting for me.  I'm always interested with how the brain synchronizes with the body so amazingly just through pathways and feedback mechanisms.

And finally for the practice I have to share this last experience. Hmm I had to work with a patient with rheumatoid arthritis. I noticed there was this great stench around somewhere. I thought she was wearing diapers and I was wondering why she'd have urinary and fecal incontinence for a rheumatoid case, so I decided to go ask my supervisor. And he said, "actually the problem isn't that she's wearing diapers, the fact is that she tries to clean herself in the best way that she can due to her deformed hands"
I imagined it immediately and nodded and wanted to just go and die in silence lol. I guess he noticed the swift disgust on my face that I tried to hide so he decided to break it down for me. I was begging him, please do not, I promise you that I understand but that dude is a big joker, he wouldn't listen. He was enjoying watching me beg him to stop lol.
Eeeeww ok that was it, for one week I was struggling to at least force some food down my throat to my tummy, just so I don't starve to death. I just checked one of my trousers today, it's not as fitted as it's supposed to be and I don't want to climb any scale soon. Let me finish for this semester first before I can see how to modify things. (I'm sorry mom, I try to stay healthy but sometimes it's just so hard)

I have to tell you about this lady though. Her case is quite a pathetic one. She studied law. After which she decided to go to a language school where she learnt French, English and was already working on adding German to the list when she was diagnosed with the medical condition. She's already a Hungarian native speaker and was hoping to be the best possible lawyer around that's why she spent time on trying to be a linguist of some sort. According to her, her target was to be a fluent speaker of 5 foreign languages, and did I mention that her command of English is amazing? Omg I almost broke down infront of her when she was sharing her story with me. Shattered dreams!
Amazing dreams just laying away on a hospital bed. I don't know how she managed to smile but her positive energy is just incredible.
The hospital wanted her to start using aids because of her deformities and she said to me "Please can you come around and help me walk? I don't want to be confined to a wheel chair. I just need you by my side then I can dare to do it just incase I fall".
To tell you the truth, I felt so bad for her because the fact is that she's just so deformed but her optimism was indeed inspiring.
She kinda liked me and everytime she saw me, she'd smile and say, "I missed you".
But the only thing on my mind whenever I was with her was how she managed to subdue depression and be that cheerful. Very touching and inspiring at the same time!

Please never forget to be thankful for everything you are and have.
Have a great week lovelies!

P:s see you all very soon with some amazing news. Can't wait to share what I'm steaming up my sleeves but that would be in another post.
Gotta get back now, duty calls :)


  1. wow...wish I could talk about my medical practice like this oh....I love the bits about the kids...they are usually the most interesting and the rheumatid athritis patient...I couldn't help laughing,I remembered when I tried to help fix a catheter and fiap...urine splashed on my face...maybe I would share sometime,mehnn...that white fits you...LOL and you look so fat...chei,I'm jealous *hugs* all the bes with your first dates papers...I beg Didi to help you *runs*

  2. Aaahh, you sure have having some experience. Are you studying to become a nurse or a doctor?

    Besides, please eat well o, it has a whole lot pf positive effect on your mental capacity

  3. ew@Gretel. Another pee juice. Hope ur mouth wasn't pen.

    @MsJB, you do have your hands full. Pele, it'll all be worth it in the end. Peds and Neurology?! oh man, good thing you're enjoying yourself tho.

    P.S, i'm xcited about that amazing news o. Some Aso Ebi runs? #wink

  4. Gretel,how am i suppose to help here?? lol..I hope you had your mouth opened #Ewwwwwww :P .MsJB..All the best with you Papers and please try push something down your throat when you can...Have a blessed WeeK.

  5. As a teacher myself, I can understand why your teachers are still teaching you in the midst of exams. Perhaps it would be better to have revision classes, which can be helpful but maybe not for everyone.

    It looks like you're enjoying every minute of your practice. I guess you're training to be a doctor? Whatever it is, continue to give it your all, it'll be worth it in the end.

  6. The lord is your strength,i enjoyed reading your experience at the hospital.always try to eat well..Merry christmas!

  7. Love reading you event at the hospital! Nice post!


  8. lol @ ur definition of studying
    i wish you an all round success in your exams and a merry christmas and happy 2012
    dont mind those teachers o...GOD DEY!!!

  9. hehehehehe i cant help but laugh.....sorry dear just a couple of months more :)

  10. Thanks a lot everyone! I really appreciate all the good wishes.
    @Gretel, Urine eeeeew! Sorry!
    And whatsup with you and Didi tho?
    @Iliola, Physiotherapy.
    @Toinlicious, LOL @ Asoebi runs!
    @Didi, seriously! I'm SMH for Gretel too.
    @Naija4life, Revision classes you said, not starting new topics.
    @MysteryMz, don't laugh o ;)

  11. Alot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that I'm interested in, but I'm most definately interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know. Nice! thank you so much! Thank you for sharing.


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