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A certain fear + a Lil special (and a few info on the giveaway)

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So I decided to use this holiday to go pay my longtime friend a visit.
That visit was long overdue. Don't mind me with procrastination. I usually do not do new year resolutions but I really saw the need to deal with procrastination this year so I made a list and added that as number 1.
She was already trying to plan her second visit when I hadn't even given her any myself. She went from angry to sad, Gosh I knew I just had to plan and go visit her. Anyway, I was even trying to remember why I never really planned on visiting her, and I recalled it was because the last time she came, she mentioned that they had a lot of stray dogs on the streets of Romania. I was like "what? And you do not literally drop dead everyday?" I can't remember everything that transpired in my head that day, but I do remember that I quietly thanked God that I wasn't the one that had to deal with that everyday :)
I guess that's the reason why my mind was never tuned to going to see her.

I hate dogs. I've been bitten on 2 occasions by my own dogs. Like I do not mess around with those creatures. Ok the doctors said they were mere scratches but I didn't even take out the time to look if it was the claws or the mouth doing the damage LOL! I'm sure I just used to lose my senses once the dog starts to initiate the attack. It's not even funny. How can you even harm me when you know that I feed you? Ok not everytime though, but yea a couple of times, I did :)
Don't they remember that 'you can't bite the finger that fed you' adage?
Anyway, I must admit that it's always totally my fault. The first time I remember well, I engaged in a little peeing competition with the dog, and when it was done and wanted to run off, I started peeing on it in an attempt to make it stop running. I was very little then. I can't remember how old I was but I just remember that I was pretty young because my mum was carrying me and trying to rush me to the hospital. I still remember it though, you can't forget outstanding memories like those.
And the second time, with another dog, I was trying to make it carry me on it's back LOL
The things children think of eh! That was the day my mum sat me down and told me that dogs were wild animals and we shouldn't play with them. I guess it was the easiest way for her to help herself from always having to rush me to a hospital. Trust me, once the dog touches me fiercely, I'd feel and act like 'I'm at the verge of dying' until we got to hear the verdict from a doctor Lol!

From that day onwards, I've had this phobia for dogs. Especially the big ones, simply because the ones I had the encounters with were huge or maybe because they are less cute :)
Mine used to be restricted and we only let them out of their house when we're not around or at night.
I even heard this makes the dog more fierce.
Like when I'm going to a friends place and I know they have dogs, I'll just call them while I'm still at the gate. "I'm outside, please can you safely secure all your dogs?"
"Hey c'mon, it won't harm you except you're bad!"
(Like really, how am I supposed to know the dog's definition of 'bad'?)
"Please I can't take chances. Alright can you lock it up? No? Ok that's it, see you some  other time".
 Visit terminated!

I remember when I and my sister had another encounter with another one. It was my neighbour's dog. They were not around. They had told us earlier on that they were heading home but we got there before them. They had let the dog out when they were going out. We just touched the gate and the dog came out. Jeez! I didn't wait one second, I just remembered that I had reached my house in a matter of seconds. It wasn't my sprinting skills only, it was adrenaline surge. Silly me and I knew my sister couldn't run to save her life LOL
The dog started chasing me but before it could turn around and get to my sister, the owners were back. They started yelling and it stopped! Thank God!

I know by now most of you are becoming very shocked by these stories. But the truth is, in Nigeria there are more of guard dogs than pet dogs. 'Dogs that are trained to kill' lol!!  Sometimes you go to somebody's house and you see a big notice "Beware of (guard) dogs". Phew!! Sorry for people living in those kind of places, we can make good use of our telephones.
I'm talking about dogs that when they bark, you hear the echoes a thousand times. Lol It's just for security purposes.

When I travel out and see dogs everywhere on the streets, especially the big ones, it still takes some courage to go close. Especially these days that  I have to walk pass them everyday, I'm sure this has really helped to boost my confidence as a person. I feel like 'bravo', really you have no idea. Sometimes when I see a very huge one, I just want to quickly walk beside it and be like 'yo that's me right there' :) I must add that I do love puppies a lot though. They are so cute! I wouldn't mind having those as long as they don't grow into those tres-scary-looking-huge creatures :)

It wasn't even funny hearing that the ones on the streets of Romania were not like the ones here. They were homeless, not catered for and could actually do some damage. 
Anyway, I went to Romania, I saw those dogs; Hmm the type that they tell you "don't look, walk normally, don't fidget"... Like how can I?
See when I think about stray dogs, I'm only thinking along the lines of, starving, depressed, Rabies carrier (due to lack of proper care and vaccinations).. 
So how can I walk normally? Yea I almost fainted a couple of times but I conquered  LOL

I'm glad I dealt with all that and decided to go see my dear friend. Like how can you even tell a friend you can't come to see her because she mentioned 'dogs' at one point in time?  Anywayz, I went, I saw, I conquered! Yea feeling very victorious now. .
I had an amazing time in Romania. I didn't even realize how much I had missed her. See what my fear of dogs managed to suppress effectively! And I met new friends too.
So that brings me to the next thing on my list, dealing with all my fears.
I usually don't travel a lot because I don't like the process of travelling and having to leave my comfort zone, but I'll be doing a lot of that this year.

------------------------So did anybody else make any resolutions this year?---------------------

And I know, you'll want to see a few pics from my trip.
Since I talked about it, here you have it:
Enjoy :)

Giveaway update!!!
I have decided to leave the contest for the whole of January. Somehow I feel like the time was too short and some people are just seeing this. Most people are still not back from their holiday and I think it's only fair if I try to give as many of them the opportunity to be part of this. I'm still trying to get the word out to people that might be interested and I'm hoping you'd help me too. Remember the only way to enter is by leaving a comment on this particular post---> Click here otherwise I'll just believe that you are not interested
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  1. Just hearing about the giveaway... on my way there.

    NIce pics. I especially like the first one with the ocean.

    Happy new year.

    1. It was good I extended it :)
      Thank you.
      I wish you a great year too

  2. You're not alone with dog phobia, I don't like dogs even though I've not been bitten before.

    Nice pics, Romania looks a beautiful country and hope you had fun.

    1. I guess we are a lot :)
      Thank you. Yes I did :)

  3. i'm not a fan a dogs,yes i think they are cute and i love how they get along with with men (in terms of pets) but that's it...i wont touch or play with them too much.
    Nice pictures,look like u enjoyed the trip.

    1. Hahaha no you should try playing with puppies :)
      Thanks dear

  4. I don't have any problems with dogs except I will not want to live with them. But the ones you describe seem scary, lol...I wouldn't want to be near them too.

    Your pictures are amazing. I like the hair and your winter outfits are on point.

    1. Guard dogs in Nig. are scary, no kidding.

      Aww thank you Myne, sweet as usu :)

  5. COME ON!! Thsiu long epistle about my darling cutie waggy Bingo? I wish I could cure you of your fears cause darlign you are missing out on the best companion animal created by the Almighty.
    When I see cute dogs on the street, i start baby talking ;) 'how are you cutey woogey' etc. pity some of them are racist. but I forgive them..its their owners fault not

    A friend told me she got over her fear of dogs after a hypnosis. Maybe you could try that?

    1. LOL aww good for you, really I'd be too scared to :)

      Hypnosis? That's if they won't even start chasing me in my hypnotic state too LOL

  6. I am so scarrrrreeeeedd of dogs too!! Funny enough a dog hasn't actually attacked me or given me visible scratches or injuries but hell. I so hate dogs. We used to have a cute dog I loved because it loved me back every other dog makes me want to walk on air when i see them. Geez dogs #shivering.
    And how many times do I need to say I love the way you write!! :)

    1. LOL wow what can I say? We are plenty!

      Thank you so much for the compliment and I've never forgotten that either :)

  7. You own dogssss (emphasis on the plural), yet have a phobia for them??
    Isn't that an oxymoron in itself?!

    1. Well, it can happen that someone doesn't like dogs but still owns one. In this case however, if you pay attention to the details, you'd notice that I kept saying, 'my parents' and 'my mum' and most importantly, also stated that I was a child and we(my family) had dog(s) for security purposes.

      Thanks for reading though :)

  8. oh good thing you fought your fear of dogs..
    i tagged you in a post here :


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