Monday, 30 January 2012

Giveaway update

Hey everyone!
Happy new week!

I hope everyone is having a good one?
So this is the last update for the giveaway (I hope)
As you already know, I extended it for as many people that wanted to be a part of it BUT I'm bringing it to an end by midnight tomorrow.{Since I'm Nigerian, we'll use Nigerian time :)}

Looking back at everything, I realized that I decided to use this giveaway to appreciate my blog supporters. I've been here for like what? A little over one year and I've built such a great fam here. I call them supporters because they've been my greatest inspiration. I have decided that everyone that commented on that post has automatically won a copy of that book but the rules still stand, except that there'll be no random selections anymore.
Please be sure to leave a functional email that is if you already entered. I checked through the comments and I noticed that a lot of people did not leave their emails. I have decided to give some time, enough for you to see this so please do so until FEBRUARY 10.

The book will be available for purchase very very soon, so please watch out for that, for those that missed the contest. Not trying to sound conceited, but I assure you that it is a great book and I'm sure you will love it. I had you in mind while making it :)

If you don't want to leave your email here (pls note, not on this particular post but the one for the contest), then send an email to with the title 'BOOK GIVEAWAY'

Or follow me on twitter @janylbenyl and send me a DM but remember to mention that you are one of those amazing peeps from blogsville and I'll sure give you a FF back :)

Alright lovelies, have a lovely week ahead.

Love always


  1. That is very nice of you extending the giveaway to any one who commented on that post. God bless. * that means i won too*

  2. Hey dear, i know i'm late *coversface* but i still wana commend you for the book giveway. *hugs*

  3. Yaaaayyy, I am so happy that I am gonna definitely get a copy. You are so nice

  4. Thanks everyone!
    Please be sure to join this site(follow tab is by the right) and also send your emails to me on time, that is if you haven't done so already otherwise I can't guarantee it.

  5. YaaaY !!! i won , i won Thank You Thank You..far to kind... erm i will send my email on the 9th of February. :D

    1. LOL joker!
      Wait till the 9th before you rejoice then ;)

    2. Hmmm true..postponing my bottle

  6. Happy New Month, it's nice that you extended the giveaway.

    1. Thank you Myne! I wish you the same

  7. Can't wait to get a copy :-), cheerio

  8. Aww this was really nice of you :)



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