Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy new year and Happy birthday to me :)

     NOTE: Contest closed! 

Hey lovelies
Happy New Year!
Yay 2012 is here at last. We made it :)

I'm very grateful to God for all the accomplishments in 2011. However, all that is very minimal compared to all that will happen in 2012. I've already declared 2012 to be my year but you can grab it too if you want, I'm sure we can all share :)

And as you already know, it's my birthday today and I'm exactly where I need to be right now. I'm spending the day with my good ole friend and some other friends too, I'm enjoying every bit of it.
I hope everyone is having a good one too?

And I already made mention of the contest for my new book last week here

What do you think of the artwork?

This contest is for my blog readers. I just want to say 'thank you' for being there.
I have over 100 subscribers and still counting. It has indeed been an amazing ride and it wouldn't have been so great without your constant support. Thank you!

To enter this competition
1. You must be a follower of my blog (I don't really care if you're just joining now, but at least something to show that you are one of the peeps this contest is meant for)
2. Leave a comment on this post and you'll be automatically entered.
3. Please do not use anonymous. And leave your email and GFC NAMES. Yes I will check, I have the time :)
I will randomly select 20 people by the help of an online widget, and the book will be sent to the winners afterwards. This competition will last for 3 weeks.
And in that case, anybody can join....tell a friend to tell a friend.
Follow me on twitter @janylbenyl to get updates about this because I'm very sure I'll be updating you a lot about it.

Thanks everyone for all the good wishes.
I wish you all a very fruitful and rewarding 2012.

HAPPY 2012!!!


  1. Happy New Year and Happy Bday!! so you and I have the same Bday thats pretty cool :)

  2. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2012 will be an awesome year with overflowing blessings and miracles!! Amen!

    I would love to win a book. I pray to read more in 2012! :)

  3. Happy new year to you and yours :)
    & happy birthday.

  4. happy birthday darl :) and happy new year

  5. Happy birthday and happy new year. My email address is:

  6. Happy new year and Happy birthday ms...long life and prosperity

  7. Happy new year and happy birthday to you pretty girl! How lucky you are!
    May God bless you in every moment of your life and give you more years to live again so that we can still enjoy your posts :)
    Enjoy your time!

  8. This is mine toooo,HAppy Birthday MzJB,I hope I win this Book :-)..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  9. This yEAR is mine toooo,HAppy Birthday MzJB,I hope I win this Book :-)..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  10. Happy birthday and Happy New Year my dear!!! I definitely need to lose some weight after all my Christmas eating so the book would be most :)

  11. Hey, happy new year and happy birthday to you. If your were yoruba, ypou will be named Abiodun or Abodunrin.

    My email address is And this is my GFC name o, lol.

    I really wish I win o

  12. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday MsJB! I pray the year is everything you hope for and more! God bless you! xxx

  13. wow, congrats on the new book, happy birthday and happy new year.

    I'm definitely grabbing your 'this year is my year'

    i hope you have a great year filled with pleasant surprises all around.

    Btw I love this video. Now to the contest....

  14. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year to you. My email is

  15. Happy New Year and Happy Belated Birthday dear.

  16. happy new year and bday to you :)

  17. Happy new year and happy birthday to you! You share the same day with my dad.

  18. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year dear!


  19. Happy Birthday and a Happy New Year MsJB.

    May your year be filled with dreams that come true!

  20. Thanks a lot everyone!
    Best wishes for the new year too!!!

  21. just seeing this oh...happy biirthday too....muah

  22. Happy new year and happy belated birthday. I just became your follower. I want your book. Please pick my name. thank you.
    and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  23. Just found out that I never entered. Ahh..I want the book o, lol..

  24. fingers crossed, saying a prayer.... :)

  25. Better late than never... happy birthday and happy new year.

    Fingers crossed for the book, I really want o...

  26. Seems i'm verrryyyy late but...Happy birthday and happy new year! i want the book too!!!

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