Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Hi lovelies
First post after the seasonal greetings and all!
A big thank you to everyone that left me a line on my previous post. God bless you all.
My day couldn't have been any better, just seeing all your goodwill wishes made me smile.

How is it going with all the resolutions? I'm sure most of you have some fitness lines thrown in there somewhere, I hope it won't last for just a few weeks :)
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Hope you all had a wonderful celebration?
Sadly I can't say so for my people over there in Nigeria. It has been a very trying time and ridiculously so.
I pray that God will strengthen each and every Nigerian in the midst of all these.

This would have been my worst holiday ever so I can imagine how bad it is for most of you that had to deal with this amidst all the festivity. I was supposed to go home but I felt really really reluctant.
1. Because my mum was travelling and for me, home is not just complete without her
2. I just wanted to relax jor with all that Nigerian airport stress. You reach there now it'd seem as if you're inside an oven, I don't know why they won't just toosh that place up or something.
3. Finally but most importantly, because I was owing my friend a visit and I just knew it was either now or risk not being able to do it again. And since my friend threatened thunder and brimstone, I knew it would be a great risk if I didn't do it now that I had enough time.

With the turn out of things, will I say I was divinely led?
I was hearing "strikes and airport not working" Mehn I was like see all the stress I would have put myself through o. Worrying about how I'll be able to find myself back here to complete my studies o abeg too much time has been put into this thing, no messing around o LOL.
I'm sure I would have just had to find a flight and leave ASAP before I become grounded in Nigeria. My school that will not even want to hear stories. They just terminate your program sharply when you miss the registration.
That is even one part, the lack of peace of mind would have made me very depressed or something. When you think of visiting home for hols, you think about having a swell time and not having to worry, scream and cry on new years day for that matter. Mehn Nigerians we are very strong sha. How can you wake up in the morning and all you hear is, death, robbery, bombings, problems upon problems?
And Mr Goodluck did not just help matters with this fuel subsidy removal. The timing was bad to say the least.

For me though, I had a good time. I spent it with some friends. That's what the whole thing should be about, a time to make merry with friends/family.
And then I came back to face the sad reality that I'm still a student and my school can decide to terminate my celebration mode at anytime LOL
I got this email "We've been deliberating on whether or not you should have exams on the theoretical part of  the obstetrics and gynecology course since you were complaining that most of you had already traveled home, we have finally decided that it is important that you write an exams for the theoretical part".

Just when I thought I was done for this semester!
"Please can I just write this exam and get it over with already?" That is all that's just going through my head. What is all these?
It's not as if this course we are talking about is even hard. This problem started like this. This course was divided into 2 parts. And we had 2 teachers, the first teacher taught the first part and left. He didn't mention anything about exams, rather he told us that we would have another teacher come teach us to conclude the course. Ok we had this teacher come during the exam period and since we were worried sick about what to expect from them. We asked her about the exams, and she told us we should send her a prepared work that will serve as the exams and we can forget about worrying about the exam for that course.
It was such a big relief because we already had so many exams to worry about and adding more to those meant no christmas holidays for us. So after we set all the dates and knew we could prepare her work during the holidays, we went ahead to go book tickets and all that. Only for us to get emails that we still have one exam we haven't made any plans for? What exams? We found out that since the course was divided into 2 parts, we had to make different exams for the different parts and what the last teacher failed to mention was that she was only speaking about her own part. Jeez half of us are very far away already!
So we contacted the teacher and the teacher said "ok, maybe I could also accept some sort of a prepared work for my part". He sent the task to us, most of us found sometime amidst the whole festivity to prepare it and sent it to him. He replied most of us that we did a very good job. A few days after, the school sends us another email that we just must come back to write an exam.
What about the work we suffered to do? Now that is even like double work!!
"It will count as part of the grade"
Ok maybe we can do it next semester.
"Then it would be a carry over course because you just must do it during the exam period"
Wahala! I'm thinking, what if I had traveled home?

It was so funny because this was the first time I had to even write exams till the 22nd. I usually finished at most, around the 15th and if I was travelling home, I would have booked my ticket for the 20th or something. And you know you won't wait till then of course.  For Nigeria, I always buy it at least a month before. To tell you the truth, even that 22nd, I was struggling to be able to push everything and finish them just so I can enjoy my christmas. And then I'd hear that 2 weeks after all that I'd have to start running back? hmm! Thank God for divine leading!

Most of my classmates are still farway and are trying to see how we can wok things out. By the way, I have made up my mind, whether they want to keep looking for ways to manouver this or not, I'm just going to go and write this exams. Whatever the outcome, the teacher can keep my result just incase it boils down to exam must hold and thrash it if we can resolve it and the exam becomes unecessary. I just want to know that I'm done with this semester not prolonging and prolonging things. Who knows when they'll decide that this course still needs an exam? Maybe on grad day sef! LOL

So that's it, I just got back and I'm back to the exam spirit #sigh
But don't worry, when I'm out of it this time, I'll be pretty sure that it's for real, that's why I need to just do it now. Alright so let me get this out of the way and I'll be back with a proper post.
Can't wait to come around to blogging soonish
Please bear with me :)

Love always,

P.S How do you like the new look of my blog? :)


  1. Please ignore any errors, I did this in such a hurry :)

  2. I love the new header and look of the site, and the cover of the eBook too. Well done!

  3. Good You got out of the way,i was gonna suggest it too. lol silly me. These exam routines at your school can be crazy at times. Please check if Hitler wasn`t part of the founders,i mean how can you take/attempt to take away my holiday because of an exam,just hang in there dear..its gonna be over soon.

  4. the new look is "scanning my head for a word" beautiful. ;-)

  5. Kai, long post o.
    I wish you the best in your exams. I like the header.

  6. @Myne, Thank you so much.

    @Didi, Sometimes I want to believe it's deliberate, like we are having a kind of special training for endurance and pressure or something. I must say it's really working.
    Thanks dear :)

    @Ilola, aww so sorry dear. My fingers were just transcribing it directly from my head, no editing :)

  7. Happy New Year dear! I love the new look.

  8. I love the new look, the header is cool :)
    And I'm so sorry for what's happening in your country I've lived this, so I know what kind of situation it is, our prayers goes to you hope everythg will be okay soon, good luck with your studies!!

  9. You were divinely led o. Cos if you had gone home for the holidays, the probability of being stranded is high. I wish you the very best in your exams and you i totally love the header. The picture of you is beautiful.

  10. @9jafoodie, wish you the same dear Thanks

    @Emmanuella, Thanks a lot dear. We pray things get better and soon

    @Okeoghene, Very true! I was just sitting down and thinking about all the possibilities and impossibilities.
    Thank you so much :)


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