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Building bulk

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Here is a little excerpt from my book. I built upon it just for the purpose of this post.
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Most guys are familiar with the term building bulk. They love their muscles bulging while we (girls) love admiring :)
There's a secret to muscle training programs that people often miss. There are 2 things involved - 
1. Muscle growth - this involves trying to build bigger muscles.
2. Muscle strengthening - This involves trying to make them stronger and firmer.

When you are trying to build muscle mass, what you'll need to do is to start with heavy weights hence less repetitions and keep improving your progressions to keep growing it. When you've reached your desired size, you can then start building strength.
Whereas, if you're trying to tone them, you'll need to adopt an absolutely different strategy. Light weights with more repetitions should be your strategy. 

A very important aspect for building muscle is to pay attention to your protein intake. Our muscles are made up of tiny fibres which consists mostly of protein compounds. So a protein rich meal will be a great advantage to someone trying to build muscle.
Building muscle mass is not restricted to guys alone. If you're skinny, this is something you need to try and if you're trying to lose weight, resistance training should be included in your workout routine.
When you lose the fat mass, what you want left is a strong layer of muscle.

Building firm and strong muscles is the best way to gain weight as opposed to building a fatty mass. With the right amount of hard-work, you could look healthy, well-toned and fit.

Some sources of protein include: Seafoods, meat, eggs, milk and diary products, nuts e.g almonds, etc

A few examples of resistance training workouts:
Hands - Pull on an elastic band
Legs - Squats
Shoulders - Press ups
Trunk - pull ups
Abs - Crunches
Thighs - Isometric contractions e.g press down on a ball

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  1. :D somebody`s going places...good work dear.

  2. heyyyyyy, so i disappear for a few and you turn around and go all fitness on me!! lol. nyceeee. am loving the fitness thingy, keep em coming . happy new year dear!

  3. Nice excerpts. I hope I win oooo

  4. @Didi, aww thanks :)

    @Uduak, Hey so nice to have you back. Where have you been??? Happy new year...infact we should start from belated xmas wishes :)
    Don't worry, it won't be all fitness, I promise. Thanks :)

    @Ilola, Thank you. I really hope so too :)

  5. My hubby will be needing this. I'm hopping over to check it out.
    Visiting and following you from WORLD BLOGGERS COMMUNITY.

  6. I didn't want to read this when i saw that it was about fitness but thank God i changed my mind cos just found a solution to my 2 year old problem, gaining weight.

    Whenever i talk to someone about keeping fit they either diss me for being so skinny that i don't need to work out or encourage me to be healthy but no one ever told me i could gain weight by building muscles. So now i'm not only motivated to keep fit, i know that i can gain weight in the process and it's one of the best feelings i've had in a while.

    God bless you so much and thanks for sharing

  7. @ Myne, LOL. I know :)

    @Dosh, I understand how you feel. Most people just think once you're skinny and not fat, then you don't have to bother. I dedicated a whole chapter to talk about gaining weight in my new book. Remember to enter my giveaway, you could win.

    Thanks for coming around and I'm glad I could be of help to you.
    Anytime dear :)

  8. Well noted dear. Thanks for sharing. Following you right back.

  9. I must say that i'm not athletic :/ but i enjoyed reading this you seem to give good advices looking forward another topic :D

    1. Aww thanks dear. I'm glad you did.
      Looking forward to giving you something worth the time then :)

  10. Judging by the excerpts of the book, it does appear to be full of good information for anyone interested in fitness. Well done, it's never easy writing a book.


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