Sunday, 19 February 2012

I'm still here :)

Hey lovelies
Sorry for the little recess!
I didn't intend for it to be like this :)
Yea, you guessed right, school has started and it's just been a real snap back to reality.

I just want to put up something quick here so you'll remember that I will never leave you with your dull moments alone :)

This is a conversation I had with my classmate:

He ran up to me quickly when he saw me this semester. You know I thought it was just the "hellos, how was your vac?" and all the other things you say to people after you haven't seen them in a long while. No, he had some "more important" news to share as he rushed me through all the pleasantries which I just considered necessary anyways.

Him: Guess what?

Me: What?

Him: I'm now a male whore

Since it was the last thing I expected, I didn't know whether to congratulate him or commiserate with him so I just managed an uber blank stare instead.

Him: C'mon Jan... don't be all judgmental on me, some of us don't have it very easy. I have to make things
work, you know.

Me: Erm Actually I'm not judging you. I'm just surprised, no erm shocked, dazed, perplexed ...insert more synonyms there as I tried to find my words LOL

Him: C'mon I know you seem to be very conservative but I'm just trying to tell you incase you have friends that might be interested. I haven't had a black girl before. I think it would be amazing oh la la

Erm I'm not supposed to be angry, right? Afterall he's just advertising his services, right? Maybe it would have been easier if I didn't know him more than that little act he tried to put up.
In our first year, he and 2 other of his friends were talking about all the things they wanted in their dreams, of course. There I was waiting for the elevator and they were inside the elevator, talking on the top of their voices about all the things they wanted to do to me when they had the chance. They were rushing into each others sentences and laughing so hard that they didn't even realize how loud their voices were. I could hear them vividly as the elevator was approaching my floor. I wanted to just walk away and pretend as if I didn't hear them but on a second thought, I waited for the elevator to open so I can see all their shocked and ridiculous faces, then I walked away and used the stairs. I wanted  to give their mind some work to do, having to put together exactly why I didn't want to enter the elevator with them. Hahahaha trust me to look for a way to deal with them lol
 After that they just knew they should carry their shameless faces away for a while.
So finally, apparently, this one actually came up with this perfect act to make things work. I'm sure that is exactly what he thought. Hilarity! He's lucky I didn't forget my hand on his face by mistake.

 Since I have decided that I'll still try to believe that he was just trying to advertise his goods abi services (all join); on that note, I'd say that is a lot of work. I guess when he's done with the different race, he'll choose them based on their nationality and probably every ethnicity. Wouldn't want to be him :))

Promise to return sooner.
I'm planning a really hot post, what do you say? lol

Love always


  1. Replies
    1. Seriously, 'crazy' is the right word.

  2. Na wa o, dame sting has said it all sha.
    Goodluck with school and take care :)

    1. Abi LOL

      Thanks a lot dear.
      Wish you the very best too

  3. oh bebe,you are hot, I loveee elevator Romance ehn :D lol..I hope your next hot post will me as Hot as that "don't get it twisted" I wrote ;)..tell that guy to back off if he doesn't want Didi to bemnd his leg forward *dodges slap*

    1. And I never said anything about romance

    2. Oh "You love". Sorry for the mix-up. I was wondering how that related with this :)

  4. Na wa ooo. People are strange sha.

  5. Please Advertise for him,we live in a world of countless possibilities. i just hope it goes well with him..Erm Gretel,no comments lol off to see what you have up your blog.

    1. And why would I want to advertise for him? Please o!
      Yea it's kind of sad tho 'cause he was trying to make me believe that he had to do that to make ends meet. Anyways, I'm sure you can already tell that I don't believe him. Anyways, that's not my business but I just hope he doesn't come up with such ridiculousness again so I won't have to interfere in his own concerns.

  6. Wow! I have no other words. Smh.

  7. Wow, the guy can't be serious! All the best with your studies, jare.

  8. All the best with school girl and to the man-whore, he shuld take his whoring ass far away from you before u decide to kill a fly on his lips with a hammer.

    So, er, you *cough* and Didi? *waitingfordramatounfold*

    1. Thanks hun
      hahahaha so he'd lose his teeth? LOL

      My dear, that Didi's thingy, I'm just as shocked as you are.I really need to get to the bottom of it. The fact that she dared to put that up on her blog is something I found quite strange. As if that was not enough, she headed here and left a message so anybody that found that topic interesting could go read it. No drama will unfold my dear. Wonders they say will never end!

  9. Forget your hand on his face...lwkmd!

    But seriously...that conversation just got me speechless. I think he needs a good dose of STDs..mscheew

  10. Are you kidding me? Let me just pardon him by assuming he is sick or something.
    Thanks for stopping by. Sending you smiles from World Bloggers Community.

    1. LOL
      Thanks Nekky! I'll try to come around more often

  11. Now that is some conversation you don't get everyday.


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