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Something special: Semmelweis carnival and multicultural day in pictures

Hey lovelies!

This particular post is exactly 2 weeks late but this is just when I had the time for this blog.
How is everyone doing?

Last  2 weeks we had the annual multicultural day at my school. I had so much fun last year that when it was announced this year, I knew I wasn't going to miss it for anything even though I should have 'cos I had a very hectic week and a deadline to meet and needed some good rest. I thought all the stress would show on me but it wasn't so bad :)

So the highlight of the whole event is always the cultural diversity; everyone trying to interpret their culture with their specific attires, foods, music and even pictures. This year 19 countries were represented, as I gathered.
I had to escort the VIPs so I couldn't take a lot of pictures.

I and my co-escort doing our job :)

Last year, I was serving so I only managed to take some pictures, this year I promised I'd take a lot but then I heard I had to escort the VIPs. I was planning to take pictures of all the tables just after they were set before people went around to do the damage :) Sorry, I'm sure you would have loved them, it is always so beautiful. It's almost like you can get a real insight into their different cultures just by looking at their tables. ( My theory lol)

I put together a few pictures I could gather still, enjoy!
The highlights:

Nigerian table

I couldn't even reach the table to take a decent picture

I don't know if it was just the food or the drummers, the music, the colourful attire or the decorations but our table was crowded until we ran out of food.
Immediately the food tasting session was declared open, everybody rushed to our table. There was a long queue that I had to just leave there and go eat at another table.

My best part was the national cake :)

A guy from ..... (sorry I mixed up the country now but it was one of the European countries for sure) even came to ask for 'fiu fiu', he said he's had it before and was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, we didn't have anything "eba and soup" on the menu.
Seriously, I didn't know so many people liked Nigerian food like that. Last year, we had a long queue but it was towards the end. Because usually everybody goes to their table first before they start exploring other people's but this year, there was a long queue from start to finish maybe they planned for it after the last time LOL

My best food of the night

Sushi and noodles

You know I'll always choose Nigerian food, if I had to put that in the mix, so I won't :) That was from the South Korean group by the way.
Last year, my best was the waffles from Norway, this year I decided to leave the comfort of Europe and the others to Asia.

As you can see, I spent a lot of time with the South Koreans. This outfit is usually worn by their brides.

Beautiful innit?

The Indians also had nice outfits

And so did the Irish

And the Japanese

Justice being done to the national cake

I got this neck thingy(the long one) from the North Americans. I don't know how I managed to leave it there all night. I just realized I had it in almost all my pictures. My souvenir hehehe

And some comic relief:

And people were actually coming around to take picture with the Nigerian queen whereas it all started as a joke LOL

And I did take picture with her majesty, the graceful Nigerian queen too :)

Can you see the joke here?

The text is supposed to describe the food. It happens ;)

It was a great night. And I can't believe I stepped into the hospital on Monday morning for practice and the first thing I heard from my colleague was "Wow, I love Nigerian food" hahaha

To enjoy more footage, click here

Have a great weekend lovelies


  1. Nice...reminds me of the Global Village event we have in TCS also.

  2. This reminds of an event called 'African-Night' we have in my school once a year. You looked great....cute hair! :)

  3. Wow, longest time. You sure had a nice time

  4. Sounds like it was a blast. You looked gorgeous!. Love the neck thingy. Lol. ;)

    1. Babesssss!!! Welcome back! That was a fun event, you look good. Yay to naija food anyday, anytym! :)

    2. I'm glad to be back.
      Thanks love

    3. Yea, it was fun. Thanks Ms.Buki!
      You do? hehehehe ;)

  5. Lovely & very colourful. Your skirt is nice too

  6. you look so pretty and your outfit is beautiful! and that cake ehn!!!

    1. Hahahaha the cake is in my tummy :)
      Thanks for the compliments dear

  7. looks like a nice event. you look rily nice

  8. Your skirt is beautiful! Could you please send it over I can tell that it'll be my size:)

    1. Hahaha you know I'll gladly love to ;)
      Thanks a lot dear

  9. I love Multicultural events :)

  10. very colorful event. lol @ the nigerian queen.
    thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving the lovely comments, i appreciate. now following too

    1. Anytime dear, I enjoyed reading your blog

  11. I like your outfit. We are also planning our international day before the end of this Spring.

    1. Thanks Nekky! Aww great, pictures please? :)


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