Friday, 25 May 2012

I like you a lot

I've never liked to be the one to make the move or even show those signs. You know those girly quirky signs the 'books' recommend you should have great expertise on?
I must say I'm a strange one. I even amaze myself sometimes.
I don't act like I hate him, I'm pretty sure I do not. I simply think about a guy I relate with on a neutral basis and keep him (the neutral guy) in my head as a point of focus whenever he is around. So when Mr handsome says something, I don't try to read meanings to it. I simply ask my self  "If it were Mr X saying this, how would I react to it?" I always remind myself to try to keep things in check. It works, it has always worked. Well, I wouldn't want to blame myself for throwing myself at him. He probably has a lot of girls ogling at him and vying for his attention. He is just too cute for his peace of mind. I can imagine him literally praying for some peace of mind and I would't want to add to his list of torments.
Or maybe it's just because I've always felt like when you throw yourself at a guy, abuse is inevitable.
"Let him want you", now that's my slogan.

If he doesn't want you, then it's not worth it. I mean even when a guy wants you so much and eventually has you, he still acts like he wasn't sure what he really wanted, how much more when you were the one that did all the scheming and subscribed to subterfuge? In my opinion, it's just better when you let him activate that part of him to want you so much so he can appreciate it when you finally give him the attention he wants.

Mr handsome, quite a kind! Fly, not too tall, not too muscular, not skinny and not flabby too, just the way I like him. Did I mention he is handsome?  I'm sure I did already. I know I can say it a thousand times. With that perfect voice that distinguishes a very sexy male, one that can send you to dream land even on a hot, sunny and busy afternoon. Smooth, like butter wouldn't even melt in the mouth the voice came from. His laugh is like a perfect chord from a combination of musical instruments, or maybe it's just the way it thrills my ears. His smile is like a nice work of art, a really beautiful painting. His eyes, I'm certain I could get lost in them if I ever concentrate on them, so I don't.  I usually do not meet Mr handsome's type everyday. I seldom catch a few glimpses of them on my TV screens or the pages of magazines but I know better than to get carried away by those polished images. Plus I always remind myself that it's never just about the looks.
How did I become so vain like this? I guess it takes the right features to bring out this part of me. What happened? Did something sting me so hard? 'Cause I'm so smitten.

I like everything from the way he walks to the way he talks, to the way he smiles at me. oh no my mind is trying to play that silly game with me again. Let's rephrase that! I like the way he smiles at the world, I just happen to appreciate it more than everyone else, even though I never show it. I like the way he pays attention when everyone around him is arguing about football and music, like it didn't matter a thing to him.

"Are you bored? You're not enjoying the conversation?" He asked
"Look who is talking, you've been quiet yourself" I replied
"I just don't like to shout. It'll take a lot of energy to make my voice heard in this heat going on here so I  better just relax".
I pretend as if that didn't hit a spot in me.
We share something in common. I hate to shout too. I wanted to say but I told myself again, that's too much info, keep it to yourself.
"I don't like football and football conversations", I replied instead.
We shared each other's company for a while, I mean we are the only two not arguing about last night's match, so we might as well look for something else to talk about.

The argument dies down and finally he says something. The most constructive point of the whole argument.
Wow like the common school of thought has it, he proved it.  "Empty vessels definitely clang the loudest" it was so evident he was smart.
The music starts to play and he gets on the floor. "I like this one, I like this one" he says as he tries to imitate some moves. Hahaha that got me laughing so hard. It was so nice to see the playful side of him.

A tiring day it eventually becomes. We all resolved to just talking and ended things with a nice game of chess. The night had been far spent. It was a fun-filled day. We planned the day to get some quality time to get acquainted with ourselves. Some of us just met for the very first time so it was much needed. But I know him, Mr handsome I mean, he is a friend of a friend.
I watched him as he sat calmly. Like he wasn't the one jumping around the whole place with so much energy.

Disclaimer: A little bit of fiction, a little bit of here and there. You be the judge
To be continued...Watch out :)

Have a great weekend lovelies


  1. hahahaha! someone is love stoned! and isn't that a beautiful thing? awwwww!Am sitting back, fingers crossed, waiting excitedly for more! I am a certified hopeless romantic! lol

    1. LOL I'll keep it rolling dear
      Thanks for indulging :)

  2. teehee, Nice! I want more...
    Have a great weekend too MsJB

  3. Ahem *grabs seat & pop corn*

    1. Joins Twinny on the seat and shares pop corn :D

    2. Hahaha now I can see why both of you are "twinnies"
      Jokers! LOL

  4. Ah ah me sef, I'm already "head over heels" for your mr. handsome. Would u share miss?

    1. LOL Now you're sure asking for trouble ;)

  5. MsJB!!! Well done o! Well done...:D

  6. Ohh I just see your page now,it is very interesting and exiting story. Since that what is going on with this Mr Handsome?


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