Thursday, 28 June 2012

Please stop!

Hey lovelies

Ok don't be scared, this is not as bad as you think.
What is going through your mind right now?
Let's see:
I'm screaming at someone that is just whining?

Or maybe this?

Naa it's people freaking me out with sick abbreviations.
There's a fineline between fun and cool abbreviations Like LOL
or even those as long as ROTFLMHO
or even the ones from Nigerian pidgin English like LWKMD and YNGKMWL
It's always only stressful when I can't grasp the meaning, but once I do, I'm always like

'yea cool'

Yea like I did when I recently found out about LLNP. I cracked and cracked my head to figure it out mehn!  'Twas a light bulb moment!
Who are these jobless peeps that spend time to coin these silly abbreviations anyway?
Want to know the ones that piss me off?

'HBD' What's that?

Please you can like to not say anything. My birthday is coming up soon, ok in  like 7 months Lmho. Truth is, I might not notice that you didn't remember to wish me a happy one, but if you come around with some "HBD", I'll definitely be drawn to the fact that I mean so little, that you actually find it so stressful to type out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". Please help a sister out, refrain!
'HML' is even worse!..Your friend just got married and all you want and have to say is HML? SSMH!

That is still not as bad as opening your facebook home page to see, "I love jc, do you love him too?" Sweetheart, the point is, nobody even asked you. If you can't think of spelling the words out not to mention at least trying to use capital letters, please don't even bother. WTH?!
Or some 10 words and then you see 'IJN' to finish it. What? Are you limited by the number of characters you can share? If you were, it'd be totally ok but No! You just felt like writing 'jc' and 'IJN'. Sounds more cool right? Please just get a life!!! *RME*

And for those jokers that came up with 'laugh wan scatter my baffup', 'laugh wan tear my six pack' and the likes, seriously no words for you guys yet. Like who thinks of these kind of things?
I was actually ROTFL when I first heard these ones. I'm still trying to find the words to describe the person that started it. When I do, I'll let you know :)

Do you have any funny ones you've heard recently? Let's hear :)

**All the abbreviations that I used, just incase you're not up in that world yet :)

LOL - Laugh(ing) out loud
ROTFL/MHO - Rolling on the floor laughing/ my heart out
LWKMD - Laugh wan kill me die
YNGKMWL- You no go kill me with laughter
LLNP - Long life and prosperity
HBD - Happy Birthday
LMHO - Laughing my heart out
HML - Happy married life
SSMH - Seriously shaking my head
WTH - What the heck?
JC - Jesus Christ
IJN - In Jesus name
RME - Rolling my eyes

Hope everyone is having a good week so far? Don't worry, the weekend is just a few hours away ;)

Love always


  1. lmao!!! well said dear, let me tell you some more..
    GMUB: God make you bigger
    BGG : By God's grace
    HWA : Happy wedding anniversary
    GD : God dey
    so many annoying abbreviations my dear. I am tired myself.

  2. be only you don tire. Me sef I come dey feel sey I dey age. I no get time take catch up with the nonsense sha so make those who dey find short cut enjoy!

  3. hahahaha........."jc" is a new one for me. that "hbd" is soooooooooo annoying, i delete them on my seriously? if you cant text or call, you just have to be nice enough to write it in full

    1. My sentiments exactly, my dear

  4. I'm actually laughing out loud right now. Just seeing JC & eh

    There's also GBU- God bless You

    I noticed a few months back, that these abbreviations were cropping up in my official mails. It took a conscious effort to stop.

  5. LWKMD 0!! *rme* plix dpmo (dont piss me off)

    I'm feeling you MsJb though lmao

    1. Hahahaha Ok thanks Toin, I need to update my vocab with that one ;)

  6. Some people take it too far joo. How am I supposed to decode YNGKMWL? Na wa oo.

    I also do not like people telling me HBD or IJN.

    1. It took me a while to figure that one out. I had to ask someone LOL

  7. I did not know many of them haha some people abuse though, you can't wish something to someone and abbreviate (even though I did it 1 or 2 times I confess *shame* lol). Anyway this post was fun, I enjoyed reading it, have a good weekend and thank you for the comment! If you need my help you know where you can find me :)

    1. LOL, Sure girl! I'll remember that. Thanks for stopping by ;)

  8. LOL,i think some of them are ridiculous.

  9. The HBD one really pisses me off too. As for all these abbreviations, I don't even bother since there's google. So when i'm confused, i just type the abbreviation in google and it never ceases to amaze

    1. I was beginning to think I was the only one. The "HBD" thing is just ridiculous

  10. Hi5 jare. I can't even lol. The thing pisses me off that much. I deliberately removed my birthday date from Facebook cause I didnt want to lose my friends (I'd pledged to unfriend anyone that writes HBD-MHR on my wall. What foolishness is that??!!).

  11. I totally agree
    The abbreviations can be a pain the neck
    How can you say HBD to someone
    Well, I guess the next time someone does that, all I will say is TY (Thank you) !

    1. LOL I'm so using that "TY"
      Genius! :)


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