Wednesday, 29 August 2012

What I love about: Summer

Hey lovelies
How is your week going?
As the summer season is wrapping up, I thought I might put together some bits of the good parts. It's a picture post, just like the one I did for spring. If you missed the first one click here
No doubt spring is my best season but I thought I might do this for all the others too. I'm sure I can find something(s) I like about all of them.
So here are my summer likes :)

Yay the sun brings the fun no doubt
I love the feeling of having the sun but not it's companion, the heat though.
When I start seeing tourists everywhere around me, I know I need to be done with whatever is holding me down, pack my bags and embark on a trip myself.

My short hair:

I look forward to rocking my short hair every summer. Apart from the fact that it's always a nice new look, it's something I just got used to doing because it helps me cope with the heat better. I have been cutting my hair every summer for the past 3 years, however, I have decided to let my hair grow out now so this actually was my last. Hopefully it grows out so I can do 'up hair dos' next season. I learnt a couple of tricks I think I can work with, because anything hanging down will definitely warrant another hair cut :) #fingerscrossed

My skin can finally breathe a bit:

Perfect time to show off the legs and the hands too :)
I just love that I can wear very light clothes

Flip flops and sandals are enough:
I get my pedicure done more regularly 'cause now I get to plan my dresses to include my toes and not the socks or stockings lol

The waters

A nice solution for the heat. This is the best time to enjoy long splashy moments. I wouldn't want to go there and be shivering like a homeless bird so with the heat, it is just perfect.


The best part is seeing the stands on the street everywhere. You don't feel guilty at all. I mean it's not like you walked into a shop to look for ice-cream, it just caught your attention and you obliged :)
I love having ice cream when it's very hot. Walking around and seeing ice-cream spots everywhere is such a nice feeling :))

Ok I just remembered a funny story. I remember this dude that was asking me out one time. It was the middle of a very cold winter and he wanted us to go hang out and have some ice cream. He sent me the message and I remember I had a very busy day running around in the cold. I just wanted to be done so I could run back home to heat myself up.  And then I saw his message. I remember the reply I sent was something like ,"And what will we do during the summer, go out and have some hot tea?"
So guys here's a little tip, When it's cold, think something warm, when it's hot, think something cold and you just might be getting a nice tick on her books.
Thank me later LOL

So your turn lovelies, what do you like about summer?

Love always


  1. Lovely pictures, you look cute with the short do.

    LOL @ice cream in winter :)

    I love summer for the same reasons as you, sun is fun!

  2. I like the pics. Enjoy your summer

  3. That dude was... Ice cream in the winter!!! Hell no! You look naturally cool with the short hair cut. First time here. Nice blog.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I like your short hair, kinda suits you. Rocking my short hair too.

    Enjoy your summer...

    1. Short hair is just the biz :)
      Thanks dear

  5. Beautiful picures. You have nice legs

  6. Pure enjoyment... God is powerful. As you guys are rounding off summer, it's just around the corner here. Lovely pictures... why don't these ones make their way to Instagram? lol

    - LDP

  7. Wow someone take me there :)
    Thank you. The question should be "why didn't all the ones in your storage make it to instagram?" LOL
    There are just too many pictures for my peace of mind. I'm an addict :)


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